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Broadcasting professor charged with trespassing at The Cabin after drinking with students


(Orrin Shaw/Staff Reporter)

(Orrin Shaw/Staff Reporter)

A Central Michigan University professor was arraigned at the Isabella County Trial Courthouse on April 9, after being jailed for trespassing at The Cabin.

Curtis Sutterfield initially pleaded guilty Wednesday, but Magistrate Sandra Straus suggested a no-contest plea since Sutterfield claimed to not remember the incident. He paid a $350 fine on the day of his arraignment hearing.

“I honestly don’t recall. It was that fast,” Sutterfield said at his arraignment. “If I had to formulate a guess, I didn’t want to drive in my condition. I wished I would have called a cab. I didn’t call my wife because I have two young daughters, and I didn’t want them to be woken up.”

Mount Pleasant Police Department responded to a call from The Cabin at 2:16 a.m. on March 23, when Sutterfield was intoxicated and refused to leave the premises.

The broadcast and cinematic arts professor was given a breath test at the scene, and registered a blood alcohol content level of .18. He refused to leave the property when asked by management and by Officer Kipp Moe. He was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing.

Sutterfield said it must have happened if a police officer and The Cabin manager said it happened.

“My citation says that (the manager) also asked me to leave,” Sutterfield said. “I’m sure that if two people are collaborating, then I probably did it.”

Sutterfield told the court he is not a heavy drinker. He said he went to The Cabin with some of his students from his classes.

“I had a few shots bought for me because the students were excited to see me out, I guess. I just over drank,” Sutterfield said. “I’m not a big partier or drinker or anything like that.”

Director of Public Relations Steve Smith said the university is aware of the incident, and it is being investigated by the MPPD. According to Smith, Sutterfield is still employed at CMU, and an internal review is underway.


  1. Dumb move on his part, but it was a mistake. And I’d hate for the BCA dept to lose Curt, who is one of the best profs, over something stupid like this.

  2. Let this be a lesson to all. When a bar tells you that they’re closed or ask you to leave GTFO. Just because you’ve been there all night, or you’re a paying custmore, the minute you’re told to go, you go. This is the problem with America. Everybody thinks they’re so special because they can breathe and take a dump just like the billions of clones in the world.

    He really got lucky. Some of the other bars in town would call the police first, then face plant your into the pavement right before they show up. Forceful removal is also within legal right of an establishment. Just because it allows the public in, doesn’t mean it isn’t private property.

  3. Hope his job isnt on the line, he was definitely my favorite professor at CMU during my undergrad

  4. I’m suprised that the article didn’t mention he was trying to grope one of his students at the cabin

  5. Scuba Steve says:

    He was there as an advisor for his RSO. He was trying to kiss and inappropriately touch several girls. He resigned from his position the next day, as far as I know. Ironic, considering his RSO was a group advocating for women in media. If I had to formulate a guess, I’d say he didn’t call his wife because of the reason he was asked to leave…

  6. Scuba Steve is correct. I witnessed it too that night. It was embarrassing to see him try to kiss the students who were also drunk there. Definitely a low point for CMU’s faculty.

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