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COLUMN: Political maneuvering affects real people

KellyBoth sides of the gay marriage issue can – and will – debate away until oxygen is a long-forgotten foreign concept for their lungs and their cheeks are overrun with a nice shade of sapphire. Let’s talk about a different part of it for a moment.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal’s indefinite stay on U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman’s disposal of the gay marriage ban in Michigan was nothing more than a blatant exercise of political power. Attorney General Bill Schuette’s emergency stay request filed so soon after Friedman’s decision smells of dirty political maneuvering.

To be fair, it’s natural for someone who doesn’t approve of a decision to do something about it. Yet, trying to stop people from getting married around 24 hours after the inexplicable ban was lifted? It’s as if some political figures aren’t even pretending not to fit their stereotypical perceptions.

The argument could be made that marriage is often something associated with religion, and that a civil union would also be effective. But let’s be honest: if the world of marketing has taught us anything, it’s that brand names are everything.

Marriage is an ideal that many are taught from any early age to strive for – not to be “in a civil union.” The idea that certain couples are recognized in a different way by the government just doesn’t sit right with me.

It might be semantics, but if somebody wants to experience the perceived mystique of marriage in a healthy consensual relationship where both parties are over 18 – I don’t see how I could reasonably tell them they can’t.

The fact that our political structure allows for the previous ban to be struck down, then reinstated until an appeals court decides whether or not to remove the ban later – all within a little less than a week – is absolutely absurd. It boils down to using the system to take away human rights.


  1. michmediaperson says:

    The dirty politics was done by the overzealous Judge Friedman.

    59 percent of Michigan Democrats, Independents and Republicans voted against Homosexual Marriage in 2004.

    It’s dirty politics when one nutty Judge overturns an election and creates a coup.

    If Homosexuals want to get married, then they need to collect signatures of the voters and get enough signatures to place homosexual marriage on the November ballot.

    If Michigan voters pass it, then the people have spoken.

    The reason homosexuals won’t do this is they know Michigan voters won’t pass it. So, they find a nut job judge to do it.

  2. michmediaperson says:

    Kelly, I forgot to ask you a question.

    You say homosexual marriage is a human right.

    What about the millions of children each year in the US who are killed in abortion crematoriums???????

    If homosexual marriage is a human right, then shouldn’t a child who faces the abortion doctor have human rights also????

    Please tell us.

  3. Irving Plodmore says:

    “marriage is often something associated with religion”
    You are correct–you may have heard of “MARRIAGE CEREMONIES”conducted in virtually every religion. Believe it or not the word MARRIAGE and the concept it represents has a sacred meaning. It has in fact been the foundation of civilization.
    Virtually every religion and culture in the history of civilization (until recently in Europe)have rejected homo-sexuality. Do you ever wonder why?
    I am tired of normal people being BULLIED by 2% of the male population who define themselves by the abnormal/deviant sexual behavior of sodomy (the legal term). Virtually every state where the people vote on this issue “homo-sexual marriage” has been rejected.
    I personally have no problem with homosexuals, it is the activists that are intruding on the values of normal people that I reject.

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