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Middle schoolers assault staff member during recess

Five seventh grade boys at West Intermediate Middle School were involved in the assault of a staff member Wednesday during their lunch break.

Injuries sustained by the staff member were not reported by the police, per an ongoing investigation.

The middle school, located at 440 S. Bradley Road, is conducting its own investigation alongside the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

School liaison officer Tim Standen responded to the call, and continued interviewing witnesses over the next day, according to Public Information Officer Jeff Thompson.

“We just want to make sure we have all the facts,” Thompson said. “Now that the excitement has died down, we have a few things to get straight.”

Thompson said police received several accounts of the assault from witnesses, but some of the stories are conflicting. He explained the investigation could take longer than most, due to the age of the boys. The boys’ parents were notified and are taking part in the investigation.

“We want to treat it the same way we treat any investigation,” Thompson said. “Because of their age, there are a couple additional steps we have to take to protect the boys’ privacy.”

Police are unsure at this time, Thompson said, if the staff member did anything to provoke the students. He said once the investigation is complete, the case will be forwarded to the county prosecutor who will determine if any charges should be filed.

West Intermediate Middle School notified parents of the incident in an email written by Principal Dana Calkins and sent out Thursday. Calkins said the School District Administration and the Board of Education have been kept abreast of the investigation, and have provided guidance along the way. 

“This has been a very emotional situation for us all,” Calkins wrote. “It is also a sad reminder that we need to remain vigilant regarding school safety. We are very lucky to have the personnel who will risk their own safety to ensure the safety of our students.”

Calkins said she has been in touch with families to provide support and address any rumors.

“We are confident the situation is now under control, as it has been taken extremely seriously and has been dealt with swiftly,” she wrote. “Such behaviors are not acceptable in any Mount Pleasant Public School.”


  1. Are you kidding me? The police actually said “they are unsure if the staff member did anything to provoke the incident”? The only thing that would warrant 7 young Kids beating an adult is if one of them was being molested! Other than that there is NO reason 7 young punks should be beating up on anybody! A teacher cant even discipline a child but 7 young punks can beat up on a teacher? Wow! Priorities people! And since ive moved out of this god foresaken town all ive heard is “you cant put your child in Royal Oak schools, the city is no place to raise a child” Really? Ive put one child through MPPS nothing great about it and This towns law enforcement has always been screwed in the head when it comes to public priorities, smdh! School system, law enforcement one big huge joke in this community!

  2. “Police are unsure if the staff member did anything to provoke the students”. Are you kidding me? Who just goes off and starts beating the heck out of a teacher?

  3. it doesn’t matter if that person assaulted instigated it all in the end of the day the blame goes on those kids and seriously teachers get away a lot and just like any other school if you try address it it goes in one ear and out the other. my daughter goes to a school and was in class with a boy mentally challenged teacher picked comments the only thing that made it end was another yr and onward with different teachers and that fits into bullying but if teachers do it it is justified. assault bullying no end in sight who would prosecute a teacher no one unless its CSC then it hits front page of paper.

  4. Honestly, these kids are in the wrong. What the hell would be an acceptable excuse for five students to beat on a teacher? What justifies that? There shouldn’t be an investigation on what the teacher may or may not have said yo provoke them, it should be clear cut that these five receive criminal charges and face time on probation or in lock up. It doesn’t matter what a teacher tells you to do, as long as they aren’t being disrespectful and being rude, then it is better to just shut up and do as your told. It isn’t hard to do that. I went through school too and honestly, that was the easiest part of it all. Stop acting so high and mighty and getting offended by stupid things. Students don’t always like or get along with teachers, but rgat doea not give them the right to physically assualt them. As a student, you may not like what is said to you or how it is said, but that doesn’t mean you get to act like a freaking idiot and jump to such extremes. These kids should receive the maximum punishment, regardless of how old they are. They want to make an adult mistake and beat on somebody, then they should receive and adult punishment in the court of law. Simple as that.

  5. Dear Tim... says:

    The circumstances matter. If the teacher was attacking a student physically or sexually assaulting them, I would have no problem with 7 students stopping that by fighting back. People love to jump to conclusions, both that it was the teacher’s fault or the students that deserve all the blame.

    Everyone is responsible for their actions and in this case, who knows, maybe both parties are at fault?

  6. The staff member provoked nothing. They handled the situation as they should have.

  7. MPPS student says:

    Basically what we were told is that a teacher said something that made a student upset, the student hit him, and when the teacher restrained the student, the other students became involved. These boys should be in trouble. At no point should teenage boys have the right to hit anyone who is older than them.

  8. I am glad to see all of these comments in support of the staff member. I can let you all know first hand no sort of physical/sexual assault occurred on the supervisors end. Simply a lunch-time supervisor doing his job and 5 very “at-risk” children decided they were going to attack the supervisor after being told they were getting written up. many children are witnesses to the entire situation. Proper action has been taken by Mt. Pleasant Police/ School District. All and all very bad situation

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