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BRIEF: Free Comic Book Day May 3

In an effort to draw in more readers and to celebrate the medium’s longevity, comic book shops across the country are once again giving out free comics to anyone who walks through the door on May 3 during Free Comic Book Day.

Held on the first Saturday of May every year, comic shops offer special “Free Comic Book Day” comics, provided by the shops distributers and participating comic book companies.

While many shops will share the same collection of free comic books, several targeted retailers will have special items to given out, first come, first serve.

Table-top miniature company Games Workshop is participating the year by sending 200 stores packages of snap together Space Marine models for the company’s mainstay game, WarHammer 40,000.

Local comic shop Hall of Heroes, located at 316 north Mission, is participating the event this year.

To find more shops participating in Free Comic Book Day, visit

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