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Editorial: Elephant in the room

Congressman Dan Kildee speaks to the CMU College Democrats club about his experience as a congressman. (Arin Bisaro | Staff Photographer)

Congressman Dan Kildee speaks to the CMU College Democrats club about his experience as a congressman. (Arin Bisaro | Staff Photographer)

College students are placed into several different stereotypes. Many are denounced for leaning too far left and fostering “radical” ideologies. Critics accuse students of being ill informed and woefully uninterested in politics.

However, students play a bigger part in politics than voting turnout numbers might suggest. The process of being involved starts with an opinion. An opinion develops with research and experience and ultimately makes an impact once it is vocalized.

Throughout the year, Central Michigan University students have made a strong impact by voicing their beliefs. Through RSOs, campus events and critical discussion, students shape the political identity of this town in more ways than they might realize.

When it comes to politics, CM Life has received criticism of being too liberal and trying to sway student opinion. In reality, the approach of the newsroom is just the opposite: Student opinion influences our coverage.

We can only communicate with our audience the information that is communicated with us. If more stories about the Democratic Party are published, it is only because they are more active on our campus.

Last week, U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Mich.) visited campus to talk with students and the community about current issues in Congress. He urged students to be mindful of hot button policies regarding civil rights and to be involved in the political discourse.

Two weeks ago, Congressman Gary Peters, another democrat, visited campus to do the same. In the heat of election season, Peters explained how his purpose for visiting was to introduce the candidates and issues.

“We want to make sure that [students] know who’s running and who the group supports,” he said.

The College Democrats RSO has been very effective in bringing their point of view to campus and informing students how to get involved.

We would also like to hear the other side, too.

The Republican Party has done little to rally support, or remind students they can be a part of the process.

We would like to extend an invitation for Gov. Rick Snyder to come to CMU and talk to our community. We urge the College Republicans RSO to facilitate the meeting.

If students truly are uninformed and uninterested in politics, such an event on campus would surely help change their minds. If we truly are too liberal, such a discussion might help us see from a different perspective.

Political involvement starts with an opinion. Especially on a college campus, opinion is shaped by events and discussions on campus.

The more well-rounded our opinions are, the stronger the conversation.


  1. What about the third opinion, the University Libertarians? They brought in Congressman Justin Amash, arguably the largest anti-NSA voice in the House at the moment and yet nobody covered that?

  2. Yea. Sure. The minute someone send in a Libertarian, Green Party, Republican, they will get booed. It’s happened before. Few students make them unwelcomed here at CMU and they make no effort to come because of it. Frankly, CM Life does cater to one side, and I, an independent voter, can plainly see that every time I read your papers or online articles. Perhaps if you practiced methodologically unbiased writing within your articles, you may get more readers – or at least appeal to both sides of your argument. You’re more liberal than HuffPo lately. Stop whining about it and change for equality.

  3. michmediaperson says:

    First, CM LIFE has created a hostile environment by not having any conservative and/or Republican columnists. All the columnists are extremely left-wing extremists. For all we know, the editor of CM LIFE may be a closet conservative himself but has to bow down to the multiculturalists and liberal, unionized faculty.

    Second, conservative students on any taxpayer-supported university campus have to stay in the closet for fear that liberal, unionized faculty will retaliate by giving them lower grades. Even Sean Hannity has told students to keep their mouth shut so they don’t get lesser grades by radical faculty.

    In fact, you saw what happened at Michigan State last fall when conservative students videotaped a left-wing professor going off on Mitt Romney and other conservatives.
    It was so bad that the MSU President had to pull the left-wing professor out of the classroom for the semester.

    What’s the advantage of Rick Snyder coming to CMU???? The liberals will mount protests which CM LIFE would provide front-page coverage.

    The bottom line is: conservatives and libertarians are not welcome on the CMU campus or any taxpayer-supported campus.

    Look at Rutgers University right now. Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, a conservative black Republican lady, is scheduled to be the commencement speaker. Liberal students and liberal faculty are throwing a fit. But, bring in a rapper and liberals would have no problem.

    I think what CM LIFE should do is offer free of charge to bring in conservative CMU alumni to write columns.

    But, right now, no student would be dumb enough to write an anti-Kwame Kilpatrick column or anti-rap column or anti-Hillary Clinton column for fear of their grade being lowered in the classroom.

    Liberals claim to be open-minded but really they’re open-minded if you’re only a liberal. Look at the owner of the LA Clippers. He’s in bed with the NAACP by giving them huge sums of money………..and then he doesn’t want blacks at his games. Typical liberal—talks out of two sides of their mouth.

    CM LIFE has become a left-wing rag. Whether it’s to bring in CMU alums, it has got to balance out its viewpoint. The editor should read yesterday’s USA TODAY article how college student newspapers such as CM LIFE are discontinuing their print editions because of costs and lack of readership. You figure half the students are probably Republican-leaning and why should they waste their time reading the paper when the editorials and columnists are all extremely-pro liberal with no equal time for the opposing viewpoint. And, the Democrats on campus tend to be low information voters and are more interested in the Kardashians, Justin Bieber and drag queen shows. So, it’s easy to see that the days of the print edition of CM LIFE may soon become extinct. But, having both sides of a viewpoint would draw more readers to the print edition.

  4. There used to be Campus Conservatives back in the old days with Dennis Lennox. They brought in lots of big names. Problem is the Republican group can’t get school funding because they’re partisan. College Democrats face this same restriction but have all the faculty, student government and other non-partisan but generally lefty groups and organizations on their side.

  5. These comments are funny. I’m a liberal student, I am a card-holding member of the Democratic Party, and the notion that CM-Life is “liberal media” is a joke…. It reflects the apathetic tendencies of our student body more than anything.

    That being said, I would love to attend events put on by the College Republicans, but like the article points out, they don’t seem to have any…

    • The College Republicans hold weekly meetings and have a guest speaker every meeting. Representative Kevin Cotter frequently visits. They also had a state-wide convention this year on campus with guest speakers from their national headquarters. They also go on the road a lot to do volunteering for some big-time politicians and to attend big conferences. CM-Life fails to report about these events. That’s why you don’t know about them.

  6. I think The College Republican’s response says it all. Check out there response on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cmurepublicans

    CMLife continues to butcher the real story. But that’s no surprise there.

  7. michmediaperson says:

    Ann, it’s quite obvious that CM LIFE has ignored the campus Republicans. When you have liberal men running CM LIFE, I guess it’s expected.

    Too bad, they won’t let you folks write columns to offset all the liberal columnists the paper employs.

    Keep up the good job!!

    • Which republicans have wanted to come to campus? Which speakers have the Campus Republicans signed up to come to campus were denied? Why do you think CM-Life has the power to deny republican or tea party members from speaking on campus? Just because they choose not to come or weren’t invited doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be covered fairly. Give some examples instead of vagaries.

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