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Faculty Association giving away free pizza during finals week

With final exams looming on the horizon, the Faculty Association union plans to bring some much-needed stress relief to students in the form of free pizza.

At 8 p.m. on May 8, the faculty association will hand out 1,040 slices of pizza to students in the Towers Residential Halls lobby.

“The Faculty Association gives out pizza as a way of letting the students know that we care about them,” Ericksen said  “It is a great way for us to connect with the students and let them know that we are thinking about them as they begin their final examination week.”

This is the second semester the Faculty Association, which represents tenured and full faculty members, has given out pizzas during finals week. Math professor and membership officer Donna Ericksen said the association will be ordering a total of 130 pizzas.

Last year, the pizzas were gone in nearly 20 minutes, she said.

The pizza will be provided by Little Caesars, where professors will receive a discount. Towers staff will provide tables and trash bags are set up for the association before they arrive.

Pontiac freshman Charice Craft said she got a couple of free slices last semester, a handy comfort food during finals week.

“Even though it is just free pizza, having some type of joy during finals week really helped me with my mood and can have an impact on well I studied,” Craft said.

For Pittsburgh sophomore Andrea DeLong, the simple act of decompressing with a fresh slice after a long final exam is paramount to a student’s sanity during the week.

“It is so important to de-stress over finals week because it is not healthy to be so stressed out so much,” DeLong said. “Doing simple stress relieving things help me become more successful in my exams.”

The pizza is free and is served on a first come, first serve basis.


  1. chipskeptic says:

    Are you people dense? At 8pm on May 8, Exam Week is OVER. Most students have gotten the hell out of Dodge by then. The STRESS is AT THE BEGINNING of the week. If you were sincere, you would be setting up shop on Sunday and Monday and you would need a hell of a lot more pizza than that.

    This is a disingenuous act to “show you care”, (but not too much).

    This is similar to the Faculty Association participation in the Homecoming parade. The FA only marches when they want to bitch about their contract. Otherwise they skip the parade. That is because they are NOT Chippewas, they are hired hands who ended up here.

  2. Donna Ericksen, Event Organizer says:

    Chipskeptic, With regard to your comment, the Pizza’s were handed out the Sunday before Final exam week. There was a misprint in the story. The Pizza’s were handed out on May 4th at 8pm. Somehow an 8 was printed as both the date and time in the CMU Life Story (fliers in the dorms had the correct date and time.) This was not a disingenuous act. All of the faculty involved really had a great time interacting with the students during the pizza handout and getting the opportunity to wish them success on their exams.

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