CMU police report unarmed robbery near Woldt

Central Michigan University Police are investigating an unarmed robbery near Woldt Hall, on Sunday morning.

At approximately 1:20 p.m., a woman reported to the CMU Police Department that she was approached by three masked male subjects who stole money from her purse at 2:30 a.m. The woman was walking through Lot 52 near Woldt Hall.

CMUPD and University Communications released information regarding the incident in a campus-wide email around 3:30 p.m.

Sergeant Riley Olson, the investigating officer on the case, was unable to comment on the victim’s identity. He also could not confirm if she resided in Woldt Hall. CMUPD has not been contacted by anyone in the campus community with further information.

The subjects were described by the victim as being light skinned, approximately 6 feet tall and wearing similar masks made of rubber or plastic that covered the front of their faces.

According to the email, two of the subjects were wearing jeans, one was wearing a red shirt and one wore a black shirt. One subject had long dark hair; another had a muscular build.

Olson said he did not know how much money was stolen.

“Through some of these lots people need to make sure they are remaining vigilant about their surroundings and we do encourage people to walk in groups or at least with a partner,” Olson said.

Olson urged students to take advantage of the Safe Rides services on campus, which run until 2 a.m. on most nights. He added it would be helpful for students to call somebody and stay on the phone with them until students reach their destination.

The incident remains under investigation by CMUPD. Anybody with information related to the incident is asked to contact the police at 989-774-3081.

“With it being an open and ongoing investigation, there’s really not a lot of information I can give out at this time,” Olson said. “We’re just trying to nail down some of those details as we go through.”

Olson said further information will be released either through University Communications or a statement from CMUPD Chief William Yeagley.



  1. Florence Schneider says:

    Women should carry pepper spray on any college campus. Learn how to use it. Couldn’t hurt guys to carry it, either.

    Aim for the eyes/mouth. Shoot, scream and RUN AWAY.

  2. michmediaperson says:

    Stop the presses!

    Couple months ago when there was a murderer loose down in the central Michigan region, CM LIFE was the only media outlet in the state of Michigan that refused the skin color of the alleged murderer, per police reports. The MSU State News, the liberal Free-Press, Lansing State Journal, the Detroit News—they had no problem taking from the police report what the skin color of the alleged shooter was.

    Now, on this story, CM LIFE on its Facebook story, states the alleged suspects were white while this story claims “light skin.”

    So, why is it when suspects are minorities, CM LIFE doesn’t state it, but when it’s whites, they print white or “light skin.”

    You’re not being consistent. You’re not helping to help the public locate the bad guys.

    I guess when suspects are white, CM LIFE states it.
    When suspects are minorities, it’s left out of the story.

    I’m curious. Did you learn to do that in Journalism 380 or in your multicultural class?

    By the way, pepper spray??? How about letting the women carry concealed weapons. The first time they shoot a robber, no one will mess around with a CMU coed again.

    • Ben Solis says:


      The judgement on whether or not to include skin color as a descriptor in stories about police investigations depends on the philosophy of the leadership in the newsroom. Since there has been a change in leadership, there has also been a change in philosophy regarding publishing a suspect’s skin color, black or white, as a potential descriptor.

      Thanks for reading.

      • So the leadership would rather not give indentifying details so no one could help catch criminals so they can keep robbing CM-Life readers?

        So I take it that when there is a rape or murder we’ll get just a vauge description of “Human wearing clothes.”

        So why this “philosophy”? Is it the philosophy of if it’s ignored it will go away? This is one of those times where race does matter…if its a white guy robbing people, then say it, black, asian, whatever. The leadership needa to be ousted since the leadership is refusing to report facts and is putting people in danger. Disgusting. Maybe their ‘philosophy’ will bring these scum bags to their front door.

        • People wearing masks at 2:30 in the morning is pretty much the only part of the description of any use as far as witnesses go. How many light skinned approximately 6 foot tall males are there in Mount Pleasant? Hundreds. Hell, I’m one, I live within walking distance of the crime scene and I’d be no better off at producing an alibi than the perpetrators. The only value that putting “light skinned” in has is in keeping racist idiots from leaping to the conclusion the perpetrators are black. It doesn’t, in this case, stop them from screeching other nonsense.

    • The first idiot that shoots an unarmed robber on campus is going to spend much more on legal expenses than was in their wallet or purse.

      • Florence Schneider says:

        That is why pepper spray is a better alternative. It is extremely painful, but won’t kill, and allows you to get away.

        Someone who robs, armed or armed, deserves to suffer. Make it painful enough to make them want to die, and save your own life and possessions in the process.

        Pepper spray works.

  3. michmediaperson says:

    Dear Ben Solis:

    I dare you to write a column. In fact, put it on the front page of the summer paper. Tell the readers and the CMU and Mt. Pleasant community all about this so-called leadership philosophies. Write it simple so even liberals will see you are wrong.

    If a male assaults, rapes or murders a female and the suspect, per police reports, is a minority or a multicultural group member, CM LIFE will not report it. Likewise with robbery suspects, serial murderer suspects, etc. List what groups are protected.

    Then, we’ll send it to Drudge, Newsmax, Breibart, Daily Caller, Politico, the News, Fox News, Fox and Friends, Hannity radio and TV show, OReilly, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Mike Gallagher, Glenn Beck and his radio/TV show, Gretta, Megyn Kelly, WJR.

    Fox will either fly you to New York or have you in the studio somewhere in Michigan. You and your leadership staff will be seen and read by about 60 million. You’ll be more recognizable than any athlete or George Ross on campus. CMU and CM LIFE alumni will be embarrassed. But, the Multicultural Dept and the College of Humanities will probably name you Students of the Century!!!!
    Awards from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP, LULAC, Barack Hussein Obama.

    Printing only suspects when white is bigoted, intolerant and an example of terrible journalism.

    You and your so-called leadership staff have taken CM LIFE to its lowest level ever.

    At least, the Michigan State student newspaper and the Michigan media, even the liberal Free-Press refuse to follow your bigoted policies.

    Write a column. I’d like to see Hannity rip you and your leadership staff apart.

    Al Sharpton or Chris Matthews might even let you and your staff guest host their low-rated TV show on low-rated MSNBC. I think their ratings are about as low and bad as the number of people who show up for those Speak Up propaganda meetings on campus.

    Daz is right. Putting people in danger is not right. Whoever the Leadership staff is that you described should be replaced by the Student Media Council or whoever it is that oversees CM LIFE.

    Race shouldn’t matter. Dr. King wanted a colorblind society. Apparently, the CM LIFE leadership team doesn’t want a colorblind society.

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