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Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe receives response from CEO, ‘not interested’ in hearing apology

Members of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe are “not interested” in an apology issued by high-ranking officials at, the telecommunications company whose CFO was caught on tape uttering racially-charged comments over a voicemail.

Tribal leaders said the voicemail message was left on tribal engineer Donald Seal’s phone on May 6 by CFO Kirk Shewchuck of, which is based in Lansing. The tribe also believes that Shewchuck was speaking to company CEO Kevin Schoen at the time the voicemail was recorded.

The tribe learned soon after releasing audio of the incident and an associated press release that Shewchuck is in fact a member of the Sioux tribe.

“ reached out to us after we sent out our (press) release, but we are not interested,” said Frank Cloutier, the public relations director for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. “Once we learned about Mr. Shewchuck’s heritage, that just made it all the worse.” public information officer Joe Ross would not confirm that Schoen was one of the voices heard on the recording.

“I’ve known these guys (Schoen and Shewchuck) for years now,” Ross said. “They are good people. They have no malice.”

Cloutier said the tribe waited several weeks to release the audio recordings and make public comment for “legal reasons.”

‘We wanted to make sure we didn’t have a Homeland Security issue,” he said.

“We’ll see what happens,” Shewchuck is believed to have said on the message. “Those f***ing Indians. Let’s call them red man. You know what? F**k you! Let’s sic the Sioux Tribe on you. Let’s get a good ‘ol fashioned Indian war going!”



  1. It’s one thing to say that they have no malice, but that conversation was insensitive, cruel and inappropriate. It was wrong on so many levels!

  2. Kirk Shewchuck is a Native American of the Sault St. Marie Chippewa tribe. Hard to think he is a racist.

  3. Mark Bailen says:

    I’m not surprised. I use to work there and they have always been like that. No respect for anyone or any race. They need to be sued.

  4. CMU Alum says:

    Looks like the tribe will be in the market for a new telecommunications service. They are lucky to have the $$ to make horrible people apologize for their racist ways. Most people who are discriminate against, don’t.

  5. j minich says:

    As a former employee this is no shock or surprise. Kirk is in a power position and thinks he owns the world because of heritage and position with in the company. The owner Kevin is nice up front but once the doors are closed or your back is turned it becomes all about money. I could go further, but they’re doing a great job of making their selves look like jack asses with out me. Great job Kirk and you as well Kevin.

  6. Ann Nays' Tibbetts says:

    OMG. … what an outrage!

  7. I too worked with ACD for many years and am and was proud of all that was accomplished by this small company and the part I was able to play in it. I left not because the people I worked with were asses but because my ability to grow had become stale. Although behavior was not always appropriate at within the office I always have had a great deal of respect for all of my former co-workers. It saddens me to think that so little respect was taken under these circumstances and saddens me even further that people I have always thought of as inspirationally intelligent were unable to comprehend the basic functions of their own phone system. We all have said or done things that we would not want public, that we did not mean, or that were ignorant at some point. Some of those things are life changers and some wash away in time but I hope that all involved learn two things from this experience, respect and the correct operation of a telecommunication device…

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