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Keeping up the county

I met Frances Lichtman over four years ago at one of our Lions Club meetings. I have observed her work on the County Commission representing those of us in District 7.

I have been impressed with the job that she has done on our behalf. She has served as chair of the finance committee, a challenging job even in the best of times. Her expertise as a mathematician and her fiscal conservatism have allowed this county to maintain the high level of services that others are now forgoing. It makes me confident that my tax dollars are being well spent.

When I have had a concern regarding the county, I have called Frances. She immediately looked into the situation and responded to me with an answer. This kind of dedication to community is becoming too rare in our society. We need to keep Frances Lichtman as our County Commissioner for District 7.

Ann Finein Mount Pleasant resident

Chip Support

I have been impressed for the last three years with how well our Chips have been playing as a team with the general atmosphere being one of "support" for each other. Watching LeFevour giving full support to Brunner as was the other way around has been an example. Also, the other players have been there for each other. I enjoy watching the bench between plays as much as I do watching the action on the field because of the life lessons going on right there in front of us. What a great example for all the young adults attending the games! "Fire-up Chips!"

Myron Wernette '72 commenting on "THREE'S COMPANY" posted 9:19 p.m. Oct. 20


Now if people would realize game day is awesome at CMU and we have something special and not just support CMU when we play Western. It is great Central alumni and students like U of M or MSU, but if more CMU students and alums supported this program number one, we could be up there in that category and be a Boise State. 30,000 fans should be the norm in my opinion.

Mike Veltman commenting on "Record 30,302 fans attend Saturday's game" posted 7:40 a.m. Oct. 20


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