EDITORIAL | Safety first

Tailgating is a traditional part of the college experience, but that doesn't mean universities should give up safety in lieu of fun.

Those who have seen lot 63 at a football game know just how crazy and crowded it is; there is hardly any room to walk through the rows of vehicles, much less allow an emergency vehicle through.

The new procedures set for the fall will add both safety and room to the activities, as the new procedures call for the tailgating area to double in size.

The procedures will also add more options for students - more places to get food, for example. Maybe the concession lines will shorten up a bit with the addition.

More port-a-potties are also included in the plan, which could also shorten up lengthy lines for the bathrooms inside the stadium.

But the new procedures aren't just about safety - they are to encourage students to go in and cheer on the football team. A team that has been at the top of the Mid-American Conference for three years certainly deserves that.

The addition of a siren or something similar to announce kickoff will fit in well with CMU's tradition of shooting of cannons. Increasing the number of students in the stadium will prove that CMU has the best sports culture in the MAC.

CMU has a great tailgating atmosphere. Just because there are more strict procedures in place, doesn't mean students should stay home. They should come, have a good time and support the team.