Large freshman class size raises issues that must be addressed

A record-breaking 4,100 eager freshmen now populate the many niches of CMU, and while I am certainly ecstatic to witness the enthusiasm of so many fresh faces, I must question: Why now are there such high numbers, and what outcomes — perhaps even obligations --— do these unique circumstances carry for the university?

Throughout the past year, I have witnessed some major developments in the advancement of the university that I believe have drawn so many students to campus. The great triumphs of the football team, the groundbreaking of one of Michigan’s exclusive medical schools, and the overall affordability of CMU during this pressing fiscal era have all helped mold the university to fit the form of a larger and more reputable institution of higher learning.

For these reasons, more students made the sound decision to accept their admission than was ever expected. The consciousness of CMU’s desirability that has swelled substantially in recent years should be an indicator to CMU’s administration, faculty, staff, and, of course, its student body as to the direction of this institution and its great potential for advancement.

I believe that maintaining and increasing CMU’s prestige should be a prime focal point in future university decisions in every avenue, from our admissions to our architecture.

More specifically, increasing selectivity so as to attract students of high academic quality and bridging the current achievement gap prevalent among students should be made a priority in line with CMU’s commitment to academic excellence and student success.

Communication between CMU and its student populace is at its zenith, and there are more opinions to consider than ever. Now is the time to focus on the missions, goals, and values of the university as its metamorphosis continues, right alongside the changing seasons.

Colleen McNeely

Brighton sophomore