Trustees approve Doctor of Medicine Thursday

One of few remaining steps in establishing the College of Medicine was taken when the Doctor of Medicine program was approved Thursday.

The Central Michigan University Board of Trustees decided students will receive M.D. degrees in 2016 if all goes as planned for the college.

There is one more step before the program can be approved. In January, the curriculum must be presented to the President’s Council, where all new academic programs must be approved, said Provost Gary Shapiro.

“I feel comfortable that they will approve it,” Shapiro said, “but it’s not certain.”

The President’s Council is made up of presidents from all 15 of Michigan’s public universities. The decision will be made on Jan. 21.

Shapiro said there were no substantial issues when Oakland University underwent the same process for its developing medical school.

“I would anticipate a similar response,” he said.

The College of Medicine program will provide a four-year degree that concentrates on providing medical care to rural areas in northern Michigan.

Heavy emphasis is on evidence-based practice, patient-centered care, team-based learning and practice, and self-directed lifelong learning, according to the meeting's agenda.

The Association of American Medical Colleges recommends the content and structure of the curriculum.

Other business The College of Business Administration Foundation also was established as a new university fundraising body, since its approval at Thursday’s board meeting.

CBA Dean Charles Crespy said the new organization will provide an opportunity for finance and accounting students to develop their skills.

“We’re excited about the opportunity,” he said. “It creates new energy for the college.”

While accounting students will assist in managing foundation funds and performing shadow audits, finance students will make investment recommendations for the foundation and monitor its performance.

“It will also have an impact on student learning,” Shapiro said.

The board will receive updates on the foundation and how its funds are performing.