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LETTER: Severance payment to El-Sawi ridiculous

Really? Nehad El-Sawi is receiving nearly a quarter-million dollars upon her resignation? I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous.

No offense to the professor (I'm sure she provided much help for the College of Medicine), but she was here for 10 months and is being paid almost 5 times more than my dad makes in 1 year! More importantly, her "severance package" could pay for approximately 11 years of tuition.

No wonder why the university doesn't want to comment; this is absolutely unnecessary. I think CMU should start focusing on us students who are paying for an education with money that we don't even have.

Many of us will be paying off loans for years and years to come, and the state is already cutting aid by the thousands.

With "severance packages" like this along with new buildings (that we really could live without), tuition will most likely raise again next year, which will just be the highlight of my summer. NOT.

Samantha Hegeman

Rockwood junior