Enrollment and Student Services office plans for realignment

The Office of Enrollment and Student Services has started making an organizational evaluation to help to better align enrollment services with those pertaining to student life.

Plans to realign the department are developing to create better synergy within the organization, which manages areas including residence life, financial aid and admissions. The Dean of Students position may also be replaced with another title depending on the reorganization of the department.

Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services Steven Johnson said the reorganization has been planned for more than a year, beginning in the spring of 2011.

"This is somewhat of a new combination, taking the services that are related to enrollment and aligning them with the student life functions," Johnson said. "And the goal here is to create a better synergy of all of the functions toward pro-student engagement and student services throughout the university."

Johnson said the Dean of Students position may receive a new title depending on the divisions that fall under the job's supervision after reorganization.

"The dean's position is critical to that because, historically, it is focused on the student life functions and co-curricular activities and services. Assuredly, there will be an appropriate level position to maintain that oversight directly and report to my office," Johnson said. "What we're determining now is how it will be aligned in context with the larger organization. It may still be a Dean of Students, or it may be a different title for the position, depending on what divisions fall under that position."

Director of Public Relations Steve Smith said a search may be held for candidates for the dean position, but provided no insight on the future of current Interim Dean of Students Tony Voisin.

"Upon finalizing decisions regarding the reorganization, it will be determined to what extent a search is needed to identify the most qualified person to assume this role," Smith said in an email.

Voisin said his future role with the university is up to Johnson and the reorganization of the department.

"That is not my decision, as it is entirely up to Vice President Johnson," Voisin said in an email. "I am serving in my current position as Interim Dean of Students while VP Johnson completes his reorganization. I am also continuing to supervise the Office of Student Life as Director during this time as well."

Johnson said similar alignments of enrollment and student services have been seen at other universities, and the reorganization could lead to a more efficient department.

"If you do some research and look at how other colleges and universities are doing this, it's not a new model," Johnson said. "I think it's a developing model organizationally with the whole goal being a centralized focus from the pre-recruitment stage that admissions manages through the graduation and alumni stage"


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