Employee groups to receive lump sums for accepting pay freeze in 2010-11

Central Michigan University employees that received a zero-percent wage adjustment for the 2010-11 academic year will soon be receiving a lump sum payment amounting to 2.25 percent of their base salary.

The payments, which will be given to professional and administrative employees, office professionals, public broadcasting employees, supervisory-technical workers, nonunion fixed-term faculty members and senior officer groups, will amount to $1.3 million and will be distributed from university funds. More than 1,100 employees will receive compensation in the form of a lump sum.

One employee group, the Supervisory-Technical Association, will receive only 1.75 percent of annual salaries in the lump sum after receiving a 1/2 percent increase in base wages in the last academic year.

At Thursday's Board of Trustees meeting, University President George Ross commended the employee groups for accepting the zero-percent increase in wages for the past academic year.

“I again would like to (thank these) groups for accepting a zero-percent adjustment in 2010-11," Ross said. “In recognition of your commitment and service to our students and university, I have authorized a one-time lump sum payment in the amount of 2.25 percent of the annual base wage to those employees who received zero for a year and are now in their second year.”

Ross also acknowledged he would not be one of the employees receiving a lump sum.

Ed Grant, CMU Public Broadcasting general manager, will be one of CMU's employees to receive a lump sum at the end of this month, along with many of his employees in the public broadcasting building. Grant said the lump sums will most likely be appreciated after many employees' salaries were frozen during the last academic year.

"I think it’s probably unexpected on the part of most employees, but they also recognize the different economic times the university and state have gone through," Grant said. "I’m sure it will be welcomed, and they’ll appreciate the ability of the university to distribute those funds."

Kevin Smart, director of human relations, was involved with the collective bargaining agreements and said lump sums such as these could not be distributed in years past because of the state and federal economy. Smart said two groups, the Police Officers Association of Michigan and service maintenance members, will not receive lump sums this academic year, because the collective bargaining agreements were on a different cycle.

"Our state support was cut again, and that’s always tough because that often gets translated right to the operating budget," Smart said.


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