Mission Street McDonald's hires security

Director of Public Relations for McDonald's Dan Spalding said the Mission Street location has hired security to enhance safety.

Spalding said McDonald’s does everything it can to ensure a positive and safe experience for its customers.

“Different sites have different ways of security,” he said.

Spalding would not comment on what triggered McDonald’s, 1804 S. Mission St., to hire security.  He also did not know how many guards were hired and what hours security will be enforced.

Walhalla junior Alyssa Palmer said hiring security in Mount Pleasant seems a little extreme.

“It seems like it would be more practical in New York City,” she said.

Palmer said if there’s an issue with workers feeling unsafe, or if there was some sort of a security issue, having security would be understandable.

“If nothing happened, it seems pointless,” she said.

East Lansing senior Carrie Crowe said if McDonald’s is having a safety issue, security would make customers feel less anxiety at the restaurant.

“It’s a good thing in a way,” she said. “I’m just curious as to why they need it.”


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