Mount Pleasant Target expanding to offer more groceries

Target is hoping to become the ultimate one-stop store by expanding its grocery department.

The newly-remodeled store will be complete on March 26.

Manager Colleen Weber said the reason for the expansion was so Target could offer its customers convenience by allowing them to get all their products in one place.

She said the remodeling process has been right on schedule.

"It’s going great, going very well,” Weber said. "We’re right on schedule and we’ve added additional crew members to take some strain off the staff.”

Loyal Walmart and Meijer shopper Brianna Meharg, a Rochester freshman, said she thinks she might start shopping at Target if the prices can compete with other local grocery stores.

“I might shop there. I mean, you at least wouldn’t have to go to a bunch of different places," she said. "I’m someone that likes to get shopping done quick."

Senior Katie Rushack said she is more than excited for Target's expansion and remodel.

“Target's brand of food is simply way better than either Wal-Mart or Meijer," she said. "The prices are really low and the quality of the store is much nicer.”

Farmington Hills senior Kourtney Lamb-Wooden is another student looking forward to the expansion.

“Target is one of my favorite stores," she said. "It will be so nice to just have to drive to one store from now on. Their prices are always great and it will save me so much time"


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