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LETTER: The ‘Need’ or Lack Thereof for Bottled Water

I’m tired of people saying they “need” bottled water.

You don’t “need” bottled water, you need water. American culture is based on too many frivolous “needs”. We don’t understand that our posh lifestyles can only be supported because of third-world countries that consume next to nothing, and who have their water supplies owned and sold to them by companies our first-world countries own.

We should be happy that our tap water is essentially free, as well as monitored and checked hundreds of times a day.

Bottled water is no more of a “need” for people in our society than an iPad or iPhone.

You can survive perfectly well without any of those things. There are plenty of other arguments against bottled water.

Take, for example, that it costs as much as $10 a gallon for bottled water which is twice than that of the gasoline, which we all can agree is an insane price, both for water and gasoline. Bottled water also can be harmful to your health as well as the environment.

If you don’t believe me take a look at the plastic the bottle is made of or a look at the “Pacific Garbage Patch," a patch of plastic waste which is a mile deep and the size of Texas. None of these arguments should even “need” to be brought up because no one “needs” bottled water.


Jacob Pollock 

Norway junior