SGA to hold elections for nine new senators Monday

The Student Government Association will be holding Senate elections on Monday to fill nine vacant seats during their general board meeting.

The open seats, which will represent business colleges, health professions and graduate students, respectively, will be filled through a general board election. According to a news release released issued by SGA, students interested should come to the meeting prepared to give a short speech to SGA officials. Student interest so far has been high, said Senate Leader Michelle Vanhala.

"We've had a good amount of interest," said the Big Rapids senior. "We held a meeting a short time ago where over 30 students expressed interest in SGA positions. Of course, some of those were interested in the house but a high number were interested in Senate positions."

Vanhala said none of the previous senators resigned on bad terms.

"The resignations were due to personal reasons," Vanhala said. "SGA is a big-time commitment, and we need people dedicated to putting the time in and making a difference on campus."

Even though the nine open Senate seats specifically represent business colleges, health processions and graduate students, Vanhala said anyone interested should apply.

"If you are an English major, that does not mean you shouldn't apply," Vanhala said. "It just means that you have to make the argument that you can represent those specific portions of our community. If need be, I am also opening to moving seats around so that you represent a college that is appropriate to you. We want everyone to feel welcome to apply."

SGA President Justin Gawronski, a Macomb senior, said increased student participation is crucial for SGA's success.

"We need our members to be excited about SGA and what we're doing," Gawronski said during the last Monday's SGA meeting. "We're hoping for a high turnout of people interested in these positions."

Those who are interested in running should contact Vanhala at


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