LETTER: Disappointed in Proposal 3 stance

As a CMU Alumni, class of 2008, I am both disappointed that the paper has taken such a negative perspective and upset at the lack of support from facts in the EDITORIAL: ‘No’ on Proposal 3.

Proposal 3 will strengthen Michigan’s current standard of 10% by 2015 to capitalize on the investment and strides our state has already made.  We are currently number one in the nation for new energy patents, meaning the ideas are being generated in Michigan. We need a policy that will foster our creative, hardworking and driven capabilities and know-how.

Proposal 3 has a one-percent rate cap to protect ratepayers; however, a recent Michigan Environmental Council report states that the average household will see $0.55 per month on their bill until full implementation. Illinois “25 by 25” standard is already saving ratepayers $176 million.

The price of all renewable energy generation is $58 per megawatt/hour cheaper than new coal according to the Michigan Public Service Commission February, 2012 report. Michigan currently gets 58% of our electricity from coal, and we import 100% of that coal from other states.

Proposal 3 gives citizens the opportunity to invest in clean, renewable Michigan-made energy, investing our money in Michigan, putting Michigan residents back to work.

A recent study from MSU (August 2012) estimates that Proposal 3 will generate 94,000 good-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced. The reason this is a Constitutional question is because the legislature has failed to act in the best interest of their citizens.

In many cases, they are beholden to the utility, coal and oil companies. Incidentally, the utility companies (DTE and Consumers) have given nearly $6 million to fund the opposition. They do not want to protect the constitution; they want to protect profits. The Michigan constitution is specifically designed to be a living document and to change with the needs of the people.

It was last revised in 1963, has been amended over 30 times since and comes up for vote to be revised by constitutional convention every 16 years. “1 Sec. 1. All political power is inherent in the people.” Proposal 3 gives the people the ability to proclaim we want to invent in a clean energy economy when their dually elected representatives fail to act.

Get the facts about Proposal 3, and remember to vote the entire ballot. Elections matter.

Alex Citron, Southfield Alum


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