60 x 60 performance expected to be first of its kind at CMU

Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Electro-Acoustic Composition Jay Batzner said 60 x 60 concerts are typically done in New York or large artistic venues, and it's incredible that one is being done at Central Michigan University.

For the first time ever, CMU will be hosting a 60 x 60 performance on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 2 p.m. in the Kiva in Moore Hall.

A 60 x 60 performance concert is when 60 musical composers have pieces of work playing for 60 seconds each, and here at CMU there will be dancing and choreography going on while the music is playing.

The idea was originated by Robert Voisy who came up with modern dance paired with contemporary composition rotating composers and choreography every minute for an hour-long concert.

"Students from my dance composition class, DAN 232, have created this performance as a class project," Communication and Dramatic Arts Faculty Heather Trommer-Beardslee said. "They have learned about the choreographic process by creating 60 separate one-minute dances set to 60 one-minute pieces of music, and what they have done is incredible. I am very proud of their hard work, creative thinking and dedication to this performance."

Trommer-Beardslee said Batzner came to her with the idea of putting on this performance and they have been collaborating ever since.

Batzner said hundreds of submissions were sent in by composers.

Originally, these 60 x 60 performance were audio only, and the dance element is new to this idea.

"We wanted to make a connection to the music and dance programs here at CMU because they are typically separate," Batzner said.

Trommer-Beardslee said she is excited for this opportunity to work on this performance.

Batzner said students will really enjoy the performance and should attend for a new experience.

"There is nothing else like it, students will have never seen anything like this before," Batzner said. "It is very abstract."

Trommer-Beardslee said it is not a competition, and the show is meant to be seen and enjoyed for a good time. She said the work of  junior Emily Gardner with light design will also add to the show.

"She is very talented and her work will bring this performance to life," she said.


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