University Recreation provides 'No Stress November' activities for students

Bethany Walter/Staff Photographer Bloomfield Hills sophomore michelle Meinhart does TRX stretches during a No Stress November event on Sunday night in the Student Activity Center. "I saw one of the posters that says no stress November and I came." said Meinhart.

Students seem to experience more stress when the month of November arrives.

Exams approaching, final projects being assigned and the cold weather outside are just a few reasons for University Recreation's "No Stress November."

These scenarios were triggers for University Recreation Graduate Assistant of Fitness and Wellness Nicole Corcoran to think outside of the box and create a monthly calendar of programs to benefit students in the stressful month of November.
"It's only the second year doing the program, but students were already familiar with the events and recognizing them once we put flyers out again," Corcoran said.
The month is full of fitness and wellness activities on campus that are targeted to benefit the physical and mental health of students.
"Students often forget that fitness starts with a clear mind and these programs can help cut down on the stress and when you have a healthy mind, that helps your overall physical health," said graduate assistant and yoga instructor Paige Belser.
Some of the free classes during 'No Stress November' are unique and aimed directly at the needs of college students.
There is cycling classes that take place during the TV comedies "New Girl" and "Modern Family." There is also H2Yoga, which combines the balancing aspects of yoga and incorporates water resistance.
"H2Yoga is a class we don't offer regularly, but it is a change of pace for students and it's different for your body," Belser said.
Corcoran said after last year's events, the program's creators sent out a survey for students to tell what they liked and disliked about the activities.
"We changed it up a little because many of the events were taking place in the residence halls and we wanted to offer classes for the off-campus students as well," Corcoran said.
This year, they are also using the month to preview the new TRX classes that will be starting up soon and  new to CMU. Belser said TRX uses strength and resistance training in suspension bands.
"The fitness classes allow you to get physical activity in and the other activities allow you to learn about your health and wellness and just have some fun with friends," said University Recreation team leader and Blissfield junior Jennifer Tagsold. "It is important to give yourself breaks and 'you' time when you're stressed out and this program provides just that."
Corcoran said "No Stress November" is a good time for the instructors to build up clients and promote the new fitness programs that University Recreation offers.
"If the students recognize the events from trying them out during 'No Stress November,' they might be more interested in attending the classes so they can continue to destress and try new things," Corcoran said.
Tagsold said everyone should check out the programs that are offered.
"Once we see what events students respond to the most, we will know what to offer in the future, and I can only see attendance increasing in the future years," Tagsold said.


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