First phase of online audit system released Wednesday; entire program to be implemented by 2015

Central Michigan University students are one step closer to being able to utilize an audit system that is entirely online after Wednesday afternoon.

The system is scheduled for release on a rolling basis for development over the next two years. The only phase to be released so far is accessible through CentralLink and is called the "advising workbench."

According to a news release from CMU Registrar Karen Hutslar, the workbench includes a student profile, degree progress, academic history and advisers.

“We have been working on making corrections to all that was found as errors or suggested enhancements to this first phase,” Hutslar told Central Michigan Life earlier this month.

The first section, which is the student's profile, displays academic and personal information for each student. It includes demographic information, contact information, campus of enrollment, degree in progress and enrollment dates.

Perhaps the most anticipated section of the program, degree progress, helps students track which classes they have taken and which ones they still need to complete in order to obtain a degree. The degree progress feature is only available to students who enrolled in 2008-09 or later and currently only displays university program and competency requirements for undergraduate studies.

For students enrolled in graduate school this year who are working to earn a Master of Science in Administration, the program will also display progress toward that specific degree.

“Access to this information is a valuable resource,” Hutslar said. “It serves as an ongoing audit for individual students and allows for better course decisions, the planning of classes and fulfilling all requirements for graduation.”

The academic history section displays all courses the student has completed and courses in which they are enrolled. Transfer, advanced placement, College Level Examination Program and International Baccalaureate credits will also be displayed.

The advising tab is not yet fully implemented. Upon clicking, students are redirected to a page that says advising information is unavailable.

This tab will eventually show all student advisors, including any faculty and staff advisors. Each profile will be specifically tailored to show information only for that student, including general advising, leadership, honors or athletics.

While this new feature will serve as a major convenience for students, Hutslar warns in the release that it doesn’t offer a full evaluation of graduation requirements.

“Please note that this is an advising tool only,” the release reads. “It is still important for you to continue to meet with your faculty and staff advisors.”


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