Q & A: Track and field freshman Shaya Wilkerson

Freshman sprinter/jumper Shaya Wilkerson, though young and with little experience at the collegiate level, has shown early on that she has what it takes to compete.  A native of Mount Laurel, N.J, she sat down and talked to Central Michigan Life staff reporter Joe Judd.

Joe Judd:  What does your pregame routine consist of?

Shaya Wilkerson:  We have a pre-meet workout; it’s usually a nice warm-up.  I take an ice bath to get my muscles loose enough for the meet.

JJ:  How would you categorize your season so far?

SW:  It hasn’t been my best, but I’m just ready to be more productive and perform better.

JJ:  How have you and your teammates bonded this season?

SW:  We definitely bond very well together at practices.  To me, my teammates and I have a great bond.

JJ:  Who or what motivates you to perform?

SW:  The biggest (motivator) of one of my teammates would be Tim (Reynolds). Just to see how he performs and practices.  I also have myself, because I know I have my own goals that I want to meet.

JJ:  Being from New Jersey, what made you decide to come to CMU?

SW:  I had talked to coach already, and I loved the campus and loved the people here, the surroundings and everything.

JJ:  How do you manage your down time when you’re not running?

SW:  If I’m not running, I’m usually just doing homework, relaxing and talking with friends.

JJ:  What individual challenges have you had to overcome this season?

SW: Definitely being patient, because I’m so used to high school.  Here is such a big jump, and I just need to be patient with my performances and not rush anything.

Wilkerson has made a big jump or two this season with first-place jumps at Eastern Michigan and Grand Valley State University.

The women's indoor track and field team will split up this weekend, with some going to South Bend, Ind., for the Meyo Invitational at Notre Dame and others to Akron, Ohio, for the Akron Invitational.


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