COLUMN: Overcoming the 'freshman 15'

Let's be real. We all know and have heard of the oh-so-dreadful "freshman 15," but is it truly as invasive as everyone makes it out to be?

Well, I believe that with the proper diet and exercise, it can be unreachable.

Walking into college as a freshman can be scary in many different aspects, but walking in with the idea that the freshman 15 is bound to happen is just an ongoing nightmare.

I am a freshman, and, yes, walking into my first fall semester, I was terrified to gain such weight. Then, I quickly noticed all the fitness centers and programs that Central Michigan University has to offer. After seeing the equipment, flexible hours, trainers and pools for goodness sake, how can one not feel equipped to ultimately not gain 15 pounds?

I’ll be honest, yes, I do enjoy the occasional 10:30 p.m. bosco sticks purchase, and I do have a weakness for Diet Coke at all hours of the day, but I have come to realize this is OK.

The way I see it, there are two sides to keep in mind. The first being the midnight munchies, or what some might call a warm bowl of Ramen right before bed, and then there is the other side: the Pandora workout station blowing through your ears for an hour.

I figure that if you mix both sides together, then you have yourself a recipe for success. Or, depending on the intakes, a freshman five rather than a 15.

While those chocolate crazes sure do creep up on me from time to time, I am proud to say that, this far into my first year of college, I have yet to go up in jean sizes.

It is OK to occasionally eat what you want; you just need to realize consequences will have to be paid off, which will most likely be happening in a gym.

The next time you hear the so-called “freshman 15,” don’t define it as being inevitable, simply think like I do. The "freshman 15" is a state of mind that can become elusive, but only if you allow it to be.


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