Students lead His House life groups while balancing school

Trying to balance life as a student and leading a group on managing that life can seem unimaginable for most college students.

However, students at His House, 211 W. Broomfield St., seem to find the time to do so.

The Christian fellowship offers support systems, known as life groups, that discuss various issues dealing with life while using the Bible as an element. Central Michigan University alumni and Director of Women’s Ministry Daniel Lauer has been involved for eight years.

“Life groups are like Bible study groups, but we don’t call them Bible studies, because we try to refer more to life aspects,” Lauer said. “The Bible is a component, but so is prayer, friendship and living. There really are all types of discussion, such as (what) prayer (is), relationships, healthy lifestyle choices, conflicts and many more."

As life groups meet weekly, alumni and students take on many responsibilities as leaders, which teaches them how to be leaders in their own lives.

“A main component of being a leader is to be a role model," Muskegon senior Jeremy Rank said. "Since I have become a leader, I have learned so much from playing the role. You answer questions regarding God and apply faith to real college life.”

Students who take on being group leaders must balance that with school, which can become difficult.

“I am an athletic training student, and I am in the program, which makes it hard to schedule meetings with my life group," Rank said. "I don’t get to meet up with people as often as I would like, but it keeps me productive."

This student-oriented fellowship is an open service involving more than 250 students in life groups and receives about 500 students for weekly services. Life groups split up into smaller groups of 10 to 15, and many leaders create connections with their students that last beyond college.

“Everyone is welcome," Mount Pleasant core leader Virginia Wilmot said. "Life groups created life together; it brings unity. We serve the work together, pray for each other and are friends. We get to share life together, which is the best part of it.”

Life group attendee and Marcellus senior Faith Martin found the support helpful with balancing a college lifestyle.

“It helped me a lot when I first started to go to a life group, because I was a new transfer student; so, it gave me other ladies to connect with here on campus and in my church,” Martin said. “It also really helped to know that I wasn't the only going through certain sins. In a church, some things may not be talked about, but with my life group we were able to talk about anything. A life leader is someone I can count on, whether it's here and now, or in ten years down the road ... They are my rock.”


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