Mission Creek Woodland Park a popular sledding choice for community

Andrew Whitaker | Staff Photographer Mandy, 8, races Garrett, 10, and Kody, 10, down Mission Creek sledding hill Saturday.

From their first time sledding to their fifth time this year, students and community members alike enjoyed their Saturday in the cold.

Brandon Curtis, a Hudson graduate student, brought his son Jonah out for his first time on the hill at Mission Creek Woodland Park, 1458 N. Harris St. The 3-year-old was bundled up, but excited to go down the steep hill.

"It's just nice to get outside after it's been so cold," Curtis said. "I'm just waiting for my thesis to be accepted, so I have time."

Curtis was glad to get his son outside for the winter fun, hoping the winter excitement would wear the toddler out.

"I'm just happy to be getting out and getting him some exercise," he said. "This is (Jonah's) first time sledding. Maybe he'll take a nap later, too."

At least 15 people were out on the hill when Jonah took his first sled down.

Community members also took advantage of one of the first mild days in weeks, bringing friends to Mission Creek's Leonard's Hill.

"When we fall off, it's really fun," said Haley Burton, a 9-year-old from Mount Pleasant. "(The hill) is so big. It starts at a big top and you go down fast."

Haley tagged along with her friend Maddie Vollmar's family for the day to get out for the fifth time this year. Maddie, a 9-year-old from Mount Pleasant, said she didn't like wiping out on the hill.

The two grabbed their sleds and headed up to the top of the hill, going off small ramps and jumps on their way down the legendary slopes.

Maddie's dad, Eric Vollmar, said he had fun just watching the kids play.

"The kids are enjoying it," he said. "I don't think they ever get tired. I'm tired. I'm getting too old for this."

Vollmar took his annual turn down the steep hill, and eagerly made the long trek up the hill again for another. He said it's worth the climb for that little bit of thrill.

"It's the best hill around here," Vollmar said. "It's a five-second ride down and a 10-minute walk up."

Another popular sledding hill around Mount Pleasant is Deerfield Nature Park, 2425 W. Remus Road. It's also known for its disc golf course and nature trails that can be used year round.

Both hills are unsupervised and have signs that warn those using them of their steepness and injury potential. Still, many people think it's worth the risk and bring out their sleds, saucers and toboggans when the weather allows it.


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