The Magic of Trino mystifies students in UC with levitation and mind reading

Daytona Niles | Staff Photographer Trino the Magician invites students from the audience up to stage to help him with his magic tricks during his show Saturday night in the Bovee University Center.

At the end of his Saturday show, Trino prepared the audience for a daring underwater escape.

Confined to a straitjacket, Trino had an associate proceed to hold a water bottle over his head while he broke free.

"CM Life better put 'Trino performs a straightjacket escape underwater' as their headline," Trino said jokingly.

Applause echoed through the Bovee University Center Rotunda as The Magic of Trino entertained a crowd of 255 with his bag of tricks and mastery of illusion. The show was hosted by Program Board.

"I saw a video of Trino on YouTube doing mind reading with paper, so I'm looking forward to that," said Clinton Township freshman Tiffany Casteel before the show.

Referring to himself as a “comedy magician,” Trino tries to incorporate as much humor in his act as possible. Humor and charisma play as much a part of the show as magic.

“You see, my show has a lot to do with putting things in my mouth. I’m kind of ashamed,” Trino said after swallowing razor blades and a strand of string only to later pull the string out of his mouth with the blades tied to it.

Some of the tricks performed included card magic, levitation and mind reading.

He started off the show by taking off his suit jacket and removing a bowling pin from the sleeve and letting it fall on the floor with a loud thud, letting everyone know it was real.

Trino’s charismatic personality appealed to the crowd as he teased himself and the audience with rhythm that felt natural.

The Magic of Trino debuted at Central Michigan University last year in the basement of Trout Hall.  On Saturday, one year later, Trino was back but on a bigger stage.

His love of magic was influenced by his father at the age of 9. His dad visited Las Vegas and brought back a trick he had “learned from Native Americans.”

The trick was a floating card trick.

At 13 years old, Trino plunged further into magic in hopes of picking up girls and using magic as an icebreaker. He added the girls weren’t impressed.

The same couldn’t be said about the audience. He received thunderous applause after every trick.

In June, Trino will be traveling to Las Vegas with his dad to train with a magician and will do street performances as he works on mastering the art of magic in Las Vegas.


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