Breakfast outside the bun: Taco Bell to feature breakfast menu next week


Watch out, Egg McMuffin. There’s going to be a new breakfast sandwich in town, and its creators are thinking outside the bun.

Taco Bell, a popular Mexican-inspired fast food restaurant, announced last week that a breakfast menu will be available at more than 5,500 restaurants nationwide starting Thursday. Breakfast will be served daily from 7 a.m. or earlier until 11 a.m.

“Fans already like to come to Taco Bell for lunch and dinner, and they share with us their love of late night," Taco Bell President Brian Niccol said in a news release found on the company’s website. "Now they’re not just asking, but telling us they want Taco Bell breakfast."

The menu will feature classics such as sausage, bacon and eggs with a twist: Products will be “uniquely wrapped and portable for consumers’ on-the-go lifestyle,” the release said.

Customers have already taken to social media to talk about the Waffle Taco – a warm waffle wrapped around a sausage patty or bacon strips with scrambled egg and cheese served with a side of syrup.

Other menu items include the A.M. Crunchwrap – a twist on the traditional Crunchwrap Supreme, featuring a hash brown, sausage or bacon, cheese and scrambled eggs wrapped in a flour tortilla – Cinnabon Delights, breakfast burritos, the A.M. Grilled Taco, Sausage Flatbread Melt, hash browns, premium coffee and Tropicana Orange Juice.

Menu items have been tested at various locations across the country with success according to the website, but some students aren’t sure how the menu will fare on a large scale, especially when competing with McDonald’s popular breakfast options.

Southfield senior Danielle Cook said although the menu sounds like a good idea now, it might not be successful once implemented.

“It’s just going to come down to whether the menu is good," she said. "In my opinion, McDonald’s breakfast reigns supreme. I have no interest in anything else, especially now that McDonald’s offers part of the breakfast menu at night. It’ll be hard for Taco Bell to combat that.”

Cook said the biggest problem for Taco Bell might be people’s hesitance to trying new things.

“Personally, I’m worried that it won’t be good," she said. "People don’t like to risk not liking something they pay for, so I wonder how this is going to go. Taco Bell thrives with night crowds, and them trying to appeal to an early crowd might be a flop because most people aren’t drawn there in the morning.”

Lindsey Siroonian, on the other hand, has complete confidence in what Taco Bell has to offer and said she will be there for breakfast – no matter what.

“Not even a blizzard will stop Central Michigan University students from venturing outside of their homes to get Taco Bell breakfast,” the Troy senior said.


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