CMED surgical chairman elected to two leadership roles off-campus


cmedAnthony Senagore, chairman of surgical disciplines for CMED, has been named to additional leadership positions for two non-CMU surgical groups.

Senagore was elected to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education's colorectal surgery residency committee as vice chairman. Senagore also serves as chair-elect for the committee. He will serve as vice chairman for one year and, at the conclusion of the term, he will serve a two-year term as chairman.

The ACGME consists of nine members, including Senagore, and is responsible for accrediting approximately 9,200 colorectal surgery residency programs around the country.

Senagore was also named president-elect for the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery.

The ABCRS examines colon and rectal surgeons applying to become board certified surgeons. The board looks at a surgeon's credentials, career work and other competencies to determine if the surgeon has the qualifications to become certified.

After the information is reviewed, the board administers an exam. If the surgeon passes all of these steps, then the board awards certification.

Senagore leads all surgical disciplines within CMED, including education and practice.

Jim Knight, director of marketing and communications for CMED, said Senagore has been crucial to the early stages of the medical school.

"He's got a national reputation and these (positions) are just two pieces of that national reputation," Knight said. "He's done research in this area, gives lectures in this country and in other countries, and he authors different publications"


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