Biosciences construction to close east entrance to Lot 46

Central Michigan University students who park in Lot 46 near Fabiano and Woldt Halls will soon no longer be able to use the east entrance until fall 2016.

Students living in the East Campus resident halls can still park in Lot 46 as normal but will have to use the west entrance near Sweeney Hall to access it.

Residence Hall directors found out about the barricades Wednesday and communicated to students in the resident halls nearby about the construction update to make students aware of such changes. Officials said the effect on students will be minimal.

“It’s just one entrance, so traffic should still move smoothly,” said Adam Isley, Emmons Hall RHD.

Plant Engineering and Planning Director Linda Slater said workers will park south of Broomfield Road. The closure is to ensure that key construction workers who need to bring in materials and park nearby will have a better flow of traffic without students restricting their access.

“It’s not a large site, so allowing the necessary construction vehicles south of the site will allow more efficient construction activity,” Slater said.

The four movable barricades will be added on to the cost of the construction. Slater said in an email that they are not very expensive in comparison to the entire project and it will not impact the number of parking spaces available to students.

The barricades will be up within the next week and will remain until the construction is completed.