Students hold candle light vigil for Nepal

 A crowd gathered Wednesday in the Fabiano Botanical Garden to show support and raise awareness for the 5,000 people killed by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake Saturday in Nepal.

A candlelight vigil was organizaed by the International Student Organization with the goal of raising money for those effected in Nepal and to send some of Central Michigan University’s Nepali students home to their families.

Dhading, Nepal native and CMU graduate student Shanker Tamang said he hopes to return to to the country of his birth Monday with the help of donations.

Tamang said his extended family, which lives in a small village, were more affected by the quake worse than his parents, who live in the city.

“The whole village is destroyed,” Tamang said. “There is very few information on what is happening over there and it’s just very unfortunate right now.”

Tamang said he was amazed by the CMU community’s response and willingness to help a fellow Chippewa—regardless of their origin.

Graduate student Rajendra Joshi, of Kanchanpur, Nepal, said help from students and departments has made her feel at home

“If we have any problem or need any help, they told us to just come to them and ask for any help, and they have helped us,” Joshi said. “They have helped us to raise a fund and every single dollar helps a lot. One dollar is 100 Nepali currency and that can feed a person.”

Student Government Association President Chuck Mahone, who showed his support by speaking at the vigil, said he was also happy to see how students support one another.

“I think it’s amazing to see Chippewa step out of their own circumstances and look at the global world that we are,” Mahone said. “It may have taken 30 minutes out of their day, (and) it could have meant the world for those three students who were affected and have an opportunity to educate other Chippewas about what’s going on. So as a campus as a whole, we can stand in solidarity with that community.”

To make a donation, contact the International Student Organization or go to the Facebook page “Help Semjong Survive” for more information. 


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