City works with university on possible roundabout


When the Mount Pleasant City Commission first brought up a roundabout on Washington and Bellows streets in May, Mayor Jim Holton said he would rather paper cut his eyeball with the blueprint of it than talk about construction. 

During its work session tonight, plans for the roundabout were brought up again.

"I would rather drop a bowling ball on my bare foot in the shower," Holton said this time. 

Whether Holton likes it or not, a roundabout at Washington and Bellows is a possibility with Central Michigan University partnership. 

Public Works Director John Zang said CMU is in the process of getting bids for what the roundabout would look like so the city can approve its design. Each party would pay for half of the project. The cost will be finalized if plans for the roundabout are signed off on by the city and university. 

"In the long run, CMU wants to have a lot more roundabouts on campus," Zang said. "Hopefully it would help move traffic along in that area, especially around noon when it gets busier." 

Commissioners discussed the positives and negatives of a possible roundabout, comparing it to one on Mosher Street. 

"We had so many people saying it was a bad idea (to build it), then they said it actually worked out pretty well," said commissioner Kathy Ling. "I think that was the only city project I've seen where that happened." 

The roundabout is awaiting approval from the city, as part of its 2016 proposed operating budget. 


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