Tallgrass Apartment adds new workout facility


A new sports complex is being constructed at Tallgrass Apartments on Oct. 21.

A new workout facility with an enclosed full size basketball court and workout equipment will be open to residents of Tallgrass Apartments soon.

Operations manager Jill Simons said the complex is set to open the first week of November this year. The project was planned back in December, but they needed city approval first, she said.

The complex will feature four garage doors, one on each wall, that open up during the summer for warm weather use.

"People who lived here, we noticed they were using the basketball court a lot," Simons said. "We wanted to add an indoor court."

Simmons said the new space would be an upgrade from the small workout room they used to have. She said Tallgrass asked residents for input on what amenities were important to them before making the decision.

The new workout facility will be available to all Tallgrass Apartment residents at no extra cost.


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