Trap Door Improv welcomes new troupe members

Drew Shornak | Staff Photographer Actors mock the movies at the Trap Door Improv Show in Moore 102 on September 19th.

The Trap Door Improv comedy group welcomed seven new people to its cast before its next show on Feb. 20.

Trap Door Improv is an improv comedy troupe sponsored by University Theater at Central Michigan University. They held open casting tryouts on Jan. 30.

Novi senior and Theatre major Emily Nall said it was very interesting being on the “other side” of tryouts.

“It was really interesting to be the judge and to look for people who fit with the group. It’s not just based on talent," Nall said. "We usually try to shoot for around eight performers, so we just took in seven new people. When all of the seniors leave this year, they’ll have a lot more (people to fill their spots) in the fall.”

Nall said she wants to pursue acting after graduation, but not necessarily improv.

“I don’t know if I’d necessarily like to do improv all my life, but it does look really nice on a resume,” Nall said.

Although Trap Door Improv is a theatre-based group, students from all fields of study are welcome to join. 

Harrison Township junior Christine Sawicki is a communications major at CMU and got introduced to the group through her friend.

“When I came here to school I had one friend that was in (Trap Door Improv). He talked me into coming to one of the shows,” Sawicki said. “I didn’t do theater in high school or anything so it was all very new to me. I instantly loved it and that made me want to audition.”

Sawicki said a lot of emotion goes into preparing for an improv show.

“You have to be there and be focused and ready to go," she said. "It’s like a sport. You have to practice a lot and when it comes time, show what you got. Your audience definitely feeds off of how you are. It’s definitely more than people think. There’s lighting, house managing, music, a lot of things you don’t even realize.”

Second-year member Caylin Waller said her favorite part about Trap Door Improv is the people involved in the group. Waller and Sawicki met while being involved in the troupe.

“I’ve definitely made some of my closest friends in improv. Christine and I have become really close," Waller said. "We would have never met each other if it weren’t for having improv. So that’s definitely one of my favorite experiences that I’ve had in college.”

Waller’s dream after graduation is to be an actress in New York City.

“I hope to be performing in New York after I graduate. Improv is definitely a board to bounce off of and is very helpful,” Waller said.

Trap Door Improv will be holding their next show at 6, 8 and 10 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 20 in Moore 102.