Gender, Age and Justice event helps bring attention to progressive, activist groups on campus


The Democratic party, Planned Parenthood and geriatric care were put in the spotlight at Gender, Age and Justice, an event analyzing “America’s violent economy.”

Booths handed out stickers as students and faculty played games related to social, political and environmental issues.

Organization of Women Leaders and Central Michigan Action, a Registered Student Organization working to bring political awareness to students, hosted a political documentary screening Sept. 28 in the University Center Auditorium.

“I saw with this film as an opportunity to start bridging the gap between the campus and the community,” said Jon Arlt, a Central Michigan University faculty member and head of the CMA.

The documentary was titled "Care" and zoned in on the elder care industry. A panel followed the screening.

One panelist was Kathleen Ling, mayor of Mount Pleasant.

“These events are one of the things that makes our town unique,” she said. “It’s an incredible resource. We feel very lucky to have this resource available.”

The event included booths to bring attention to several progressive and activist groups on campus in a fair-like setting.

“I think (events like this are) a great thing to have that on campus,” said Alyx Johnson, a CMU junior. “(It’s important to) have people open to talk about these issues and make people feel more comfortable and open to (other political ideas).”