LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hauck would give a voice to ordinary people in State House



As a resident of Mid-Michigan, I understand the value of hard work. 

Most of us, our friends and our neighbors work paycheck-to-paycheck. We have to make tough decisions in our household budgets to make ends meet. We need to send someone to Lansing who’s like us – someone who understands the value of a hard day’s work and who knows what it’s like to balance a budget every month.

Roger Hauck is one of us. 

Hauck grew up on a beef and dairy farm in Beal City, where he learned the importance of getting your hands dirty, putting in the time necessary for the task at hand, and getting the job done. For 24 years, he’s worked for the Delfield company, earning an hourly wage like so many of us. Hauck and his wife, Raschelle, sat around the kitchen table and made those tough budget choices while they raised their two kids. 

Hauck will be our voice in Lansing.

Too often, Lansing politicians let their own agendas or those of special interests get in the way of serving their constituents. Hauck is running for State Representative because he wants to work for us. 

He knows what our region needs to prosper. He knows the value of a good paying job and quality, well-funded schools.

This fall, I hope you’ll join me in sending one of our own to Lansing. We need to make sure we have a representative who speaks for us. Vote for Roger Hauck on Nov. 8.

Mount Pleasant