Man vs. Mountain 5K takes runners to new heights


Participants use a rope to climb a wall during the Man vs. Mountain 5K obstacle course on Feb. 4 throughout Mt. Pleasant parks.

Racers overcame the elements and obstacles on Saturday at the fourth annual Man vs. Mountain 5K race.

The charity event raised money and awareness for Community Cancer Services of Isabella County. The race took runners on a tour through Mount Pleasant’s public parks.

“We want to keep people active in our beautiful parks system in the winter,” volunteer Chris Rowley said. “The Mount Pleasant Convention and Visitors Bureau had the idea in the first year to partner with Parks and Rec, our sponsor. We’re happy to partner with them and to bring this event to the community.”

Participants completed 16 obstacles throughout the course, including a rope maze, tires, carrying logs and a wooden balance beam. The final obstacle was a large wooden wall that runners were required to climb over just before reaching the finish line.

Sophomore Hannah Heldt, a first-time participant in Man vs. Mountain, said the 5K was unlike any she had run before.

“It went a lot faster,” the Midland native said. “There was always something to look forward to, to distract you and keep your mind off the running part.”

Long-time runners and novices participated in the race.

“I’ve always wanted to do an obstacle course, and it’s right here in town, so I thought, ‘Let’s do it,’” said first-time 5K runner Mia Williams.

The Farmington Hills junior ran alongside her roommate, Clarkston junior Courtney Bell.

“The obstacles were a lot of fun,” Bell said. “We were dying in the beginning because we were so out of shape, but we’d definitely do it again.”