SGA senate sees senators resign, President Owens introduces Academic Organizational Review


Student Government Association President Anna Owens gives the weekly executive address in the Bovee University Center Auditorium on Oct. 30.

Sophomore Elaina Madison, senior Emilee Madison and junior Taylor Woodall have resigned as Student Government Association senators. 

Senate Leader Caroline Murray explained each senator had their own personal reasons for choosing to resign and relayed this information to the senate in the Bovee University Center Mackinaw Room on Oct. 30.

"Senator (Taylor) Woodall and Senator Elaina Madison were previously representing the College of Medicine," Murray said. "In their absence, I've talked to the senators representing the College of Health Professions, and they will be absorbing any constituents from the College of Medicine." 

No aura of distress followed the senate leader's announcement. According to Murray, the senate is not at risk for not reaching quorum, or the minimum amount of members present to qualify as a legitimate senate meeting. 

"We're moving on and are ready to support the senators we do have, who are ready to make positive change on campus," Murray added.

SGA President Anna Owens visited both house and senate during this week's SGA assembly to address Central Michigan University's Academic Organizational Review. 

According to the review's CMU webpage, "three committees will guide the academic organizational review through the 2017-18 academic year." 

The first committee, the academic structure committee, will consider department and college organization; the second, the academic support committee, will review what issues students may be experiencing academically at the university that indirectly affects their performance; while the third, responsibility centered management committee, will review budget options. 

Owens is the student representative in the academic structure committee, and House Leader Drake Smarch is the student representative for the academic support committee. There is no student representative for the responsibility centered management committee.

Owens considers student opinion "very valuable," and stressed to those in attendance to speak to a student representative if students have questions or concerns they would like Owens or Smarch to address at committee meetings. 

Owens also mentioned an anonymous input option found on the academic organizational review's CMU webpage. Though only the option of anonymity was mentioned, this page provides multiple options for students to provide opinions to the restructuring committees. 

The page includes the option to contact Senior Vice Provost Ian Davison, head of the academic organizational review initiative, at Students may also complete a "Proposal Template," which includes prompts asking for in-depth information on "anticipated outcomes," "potential drawbacks," and estimated costs.

Owens' executive address in the UC Auditorium mentioned the student involvement in the committees, but she mentioned she would be able to receive SGA members' input more effectively outside General Board.

According to Owens, the forum is said to be held in a couple weeks, which will allow students to give feedback to these restructuring committees during SGA's General Board meeting. 

"We've all had different experiences," Owens said, focusing on the importance of students voicing their opinions.

Owens and Smarch said they will providing SGA with weekly updates from the academic organizational review committees they are in.