Student Government Association discusses projects in development


Student Government Association Vice President Derek Sturvist addresses the SGA general board in the Bovee University Center Auditorium on Oct. 9.

Student Government Association Vice President Derek Sturvist delivered this week's executive board update in place of President Anna Owens at the Oct. 9 meeting in the Bovee University Center Auditorium.

Owens was absent participating in the Food and Field Relays, representing student government in the homecoming competition.

Sturvist addressed the need for participants in three internal committees: one that would oversee SGA's general committees, one that would examine existing course schedules and another that would focus on general education.

Sturvist admitted the descriptions of each committee are "pretty vague." However, positions in these committees are open to any house or senate member, and any interested parties may contact Sturvist by speaking to him at the next SGA meeting, Oct. 16.

Closing the General Board meeting, Sturvist mentioned that SGA "formally recognizes (Oct. 9) as Indigenous Peoples' Day," in respect to legislation passed during the 2016-2017 academic year. It was also mentioned that  push for Central Michigan University, as an institution, to formally recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day in lieu of Columbus Day as well.

"It's a really important change, and we're glad we're moving forward with it. We hope the university will follow," Sturvist  said.

Senate was run by Senate Leader Pro Tempore Jake Hendricks in the U.C. Mackinaw Room in place of Senate Leader Caroline Murray. Murray could not attend senate to due to obligations as a homecoming ambassador. 

The senate addressed developments in each general committee. Future plans of events were discussed, such as the the "Culture, Not A Costume" campaign set to be held Oct. 25 by the Diversity Committee. Also proposed was the creation of an educational booklet on registered student organizations for incoming students from the Growth and Development Committee.

The booklets would describe the purpose of every RSO on campus and be distributed to increase engagement on campus.

Following this session, senators separated into groups, categorized by the colleges they represent. Discussion focused on brainstorming projects to be completed by senators within their college.

In the house, RSO representatives also informed their peers on updates for their respective committees and discussed upcoming events.

House Leader Drake Smarch closed the session by reminding those in attendance to stay safe during Homecoming week.


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