WMHW to air Halloween-themed radio drama Oct. 30


WMHW 91.5 The Mountain will be airing a horror-themed radio drama live at 7 p.m. Monday Oct. 30th, for World Audio Drama Day. 

Central Michigan University faculty member Will Anderson wrote the script for the drama, which is titled "Remit Payment: A Student Loan Halloween Horror Story." The drama follows the story of a tattoo artist named Diesel who is defaulting on his student loans and the measure of payback he receives from a collection agency.

Anderson, who has been writing scripts for more than 20 years, wanted to create a script that felt small and more personal.

“I’ve been trying to get smaller and more compact sort of scripts,” Anderson said. “The nice part about this script is minimal actors and minimal sound effects, because I truly tried to design this to be performed live.”

Anderson also praised the students involved in bringing this drama to life, and 91.5 The Mountain for their willingness to air this drama on their station.

“The fact that students are doing a live radio drama performance for World Audio Drama Day, that (91.5 The Mountain) is picking up and they’re doing it is something that no other station I can think of is currently doing,” Anderson said. “This is something unique that’s only going on at CMU.”

Senior Abby Johnson, station manager of 91.5 The Mountain, said she is excited to have the script aired live on her show after it was presented to her by Anderson. She hopes that this radio drama can help students make light of a very stressful situation.

“It’s something that a lot of college students are stressed out about,” said Johnson. “I just hope that we can take a stressful situation and make it light-hearted, and kind of relieve some stress temporarily about it.”

The cast for the drama is as follows:

  • Jeff Brown as Diesel
  • Erica Benham as Roxie
  • Kelsey Horn as Mika
  • Noah Bekins as The Customer and The Official
  • Kyle Fields as Foley/SFX