Perfectly Reasonable Gifts for College Students to Add to Their Holiday Wish Lists


Don’t get me wrong, socks and hand-knitted sweaters from Grandma are great, but how about the things us poor college kids actually need and can benefit from? For some reason our relatives tend to think that the older we get the less gifts we need. Oh, quite the contrary. 

Usually we’re faced with the uncomfortable question of “what do you want this year?” You don’t want to come off as too needy, but you also don’t want to get stuck with 

another itchy sweater or weird-smelling perfume. This is why I came up with a list of perfectly reasonable gift requests for us college students to put on our lists. 


Bags under college student's eyes aren't there to look cool. We would give anything for that sweet sweet sleep.

Complete Elimination of our Crippling College Debt

College debt is a lot like a child. It is extremely expensive, and you will most likely be paying for it 18 years or more.

You Know Those Meal Subscription Plans People Order in the Mail? That, but a Momma-made Meal Delivered at Least Once a Week.

It's not that chicken nuggets aren't amazing (because they are). We just miss a warm meal from our mama.

A Coffee Maker that Holds at Least 3 Gallons of Coffee to Start Your Day 

I'm nothing without my coffee. I mean, I was nothing before my coffee, but you get the point.

Buy 1, Get 10 Free Textbook Coupons

They're not that expensive. I only had to sell one kidney to afford last semester's textbooks.

A Permanently Open Bar Tab

Just put it on my tab!

A fresh, new liver  

Dear Liver, I am terribly sorry for the damage I have caused. I think it's best if we both found someone new.

Exempt from Any and All Questions Regarding our Personal Lives or Career Plans at Family Gatherings 

This question runs through the minds of college students every day. The last thing we want to do is think about it out loud...

Actually, Make that Last One a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Who Knows All the Right Answers to Your Family’s Awkward Questions. This Will Get them Off Your Back about Finding Love. 

I mean, it’s the least we could ask for, right?