Moore Media Records provides local musicians with resources, notoriety


 Lake sophomore Mark Johnston works on a project for Moore Media Records in Moore Hall room 184, on Jan. 16.

Musicians don’t need to travel far to find a record label in Mount Pleasant. Student-run organization Moore Media Records offers a way for local musicians to record, promote and market their music. 

It also allows Central Michigan University students the opportunity to learn more about music production and the marketing and promotion of a musical product. Moore Media Records produces sampler albums, records demos, creates artwork for albums, markets music and organizes live shows. The group meets at 7 p.m. Thursday in Moore Hall 183 and 184. Its studio is located in Moore Hall 315. 

The rate for the demo service package is $60 for a four-hour session, and $20 for each additional hour.

Tustin senior Jack Cafretsas is the label’s president. He began working for the label after attending an informational meeting in Moore Hall as a freshman. 

“If someone enjoys music, Moore Media Records is the place to be,” Cafretsas said. 

The main goal of the group is to promote a wide variety of music on campus. To help do so, Moore Media Records puts together an annual sampler that features four bands. Students record and mix tracks, create art and market the recordings. Once the sampler is complete, they end the spring semester with a live performance.

The artists for this year’s sampler include Pineapple Psychology, Bellevue, Kuzco Poison and Pretty Baguette.

Pineapple Psychology is the only on-campus band. The other two bands are from Detroit and Saginaw. The showcase concert will be announced at the end of March.

Moore Media Records raises money for its projects by hosting live performances and contests throughout the Mount Pleasant area. Its latest fundraiser, a competition between five local performers — Pineapple Psychology, Pining, Crystal Images, Cassius Tae and Abstract Generation — was Dec. 6 at the Dreamer Coffee Shop.  

“Moore Media Records helps students learn new and professional ways to record, book shows and to get music out there,” said Lake Michigan sophomore Mark Johnston, who is the organization’s production manager. 

Johnston is a broadcast and cinematic arts major and helps with the production and mixing process at MMR. 

Faculty advisor Jim Bollellam, who specializes in Advance Broadcasting Audio Production, helps students with problem-solving and answers questions that club members may have.  

Moore Media Records is collaborating with radio station 91.5 The Mountain and the registered student organization Moore Hall Television on a 60-minute music show. About half of the program will be dedicated to live bands and the other 30 minutes is dedicated to speaking with the songwriters.  

“I think this is a great way for the student organizations to learn about each other and broaden their background in broadcasting,” Bollella said. “Everyone is excited about it.”

Cafretsas encourages students to join Moore Media Records — saying there are many spots to be filled.

“Many seniors are working in lead positions now, so we will need upcoming students to fill the positions once the seniors graduate,” Cafretsas said.