City commission to discuss budget, grant requests, marijuana

Commissioner Petro Tolas discusses the 410 W. Broadway Development plan at a City Commission meeting July 8 in City Hall.

The next Mount Pleasant City Commission meeting is 7 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 9. Here are some things you can expect from this coming meeting:

· There will be a public hearing on the city’s proposed ordinance regarding allowing recreational marijuana in Mount Pleasant. Mount Pleasant City Manager Nancy Ridley said anyone who wants to talk about recreational marijuana can come up to the podium and speak for five minutes. Anyone can send letters to Ridley ahead of the meeting regarding the issue if they don’t want to speak in person.

· Ridley said the commission will receive a proposed budget plan for 2020. This will begin the budget discussion process that will take place over the next few meetings.

· The commission will receive funding requests from various city departments for grants from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. Ridley said the tribe distributes some of their gaming revenues from slot machines. The requests come from city departments, school systems, surrounding townships and Isabella County. The commission will be read the whole list of requests and they will decide on the top five requests for the tribe during next meeting.