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Roadside animal removal could be made easier by Booher’s Bill

Roadside animal removal could be made easier by Booher’s Bill

A new Michigan law could make keeping roadkill easier for drivers. Booher’s Bill passed in the state’s Senate unanimously on March 26, and is awaiting approval from the House of Representatives and Gov. Rick Snyder. The bill will allow drivers who collide with animals […]
Student Life
An attendee signs up for a chance to win prizes from Yelp! on June 30, 2012 during Social Media Day Detroit at the MotorCity Casino Hotel’s Soundboard in Detroit, Mich. Last year Social Media Day Detroit attracted 1,500 guests who participated in the live music and giveaways. This years event will host 17 sponsors for students to network with including Chevrolet, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, ePrize,, MLive, Twitter and U-Haul. (Photo Courtesy of Robert Bowden Photography)

Social Media Day Detroit gives students chance to network at MotorCity Casino

Students over age 21 will have the opportunity to network and pursue employment opportunities at a casino for Social Media Day Detroit on June 27. The networking opportunity will take place at the MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit next Thursday […]
Student Life
Samaritan's Purse volunteers from Brookfield's Elmbrook Church recover items from the remains of Kathy and Don Easter's home, May 27, 2013 in Moore, Oklahoma. (Photo Courtesy of Annysa Johnson/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/MCT)

CMU student organizing Oklahoma tornado relief trip

With images of a tornado-torn Oklahoma City suburb fresh in her mind, one student decided to take action and offer relief to the affected city. On May 22, an EF5 tornado with winds of at least 200 mph destroyed much […]
Fenton resident Caitlin Molyneaux, 21, gets gas Tuesday at the 7-Eleven, 2397 S. Mission St. “Michigan seems to have the highest average gas price and I think it’s just ridiculous,” Molyneaux said. (Emily Brouwer/Staff Photographer)

Soaring gas prices have Mount Pleasant residents rethinking summer plans

A spike in gas prices has left some Mount Pleasant residents rethinking their summer plans. Mount Pleasant resident Katrina Stock was pumping gas at Speedway, 201 S. Mission St., and said the price of gas was making it difficult to follow […]
Student Life
Student Mentors sing and dance to the tune of popular pop songs in Plachta Auditorium located in Warner Hall during Freshman Orientation on Tuesday afternoon. (Shannon Millard/Staff Photographer)

Incoming fall freshmen attend academic orientation

When students think of academic freshman orientation at Central Michigan University, mentors singing and dancing to a “Thrift Shop” parody song might not top the list. But, fall freshmen laughed and cheered when a group of more than 20 of […]
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Mount Pleasant activists protest food giant Monsanto over genetically modified foods

Mount Pleasant activists protest food giant Monsanto over genetically modified foods

Environmental activists took to the streets of downtown Mount Pleasant on Saturday as part of a worldwide protest against controversial biotechnology company Monsanto. People of all ages crammed onto the corner of Broadway and Main streets for the “March Against […]

Mid Michigan Community College ready to go smoke-free Aug. 6

Discarded cigarette butts and the smell of cigarette smoke will be a thing of the past for all three of Mid Michigan Community College’s campuses as a new smoke and tobacco-free policy goes into effect Aug. 6. The new policy […]

COLUMN: Americans need to get back to food preserving roots

Americans are over-refrigerating. Between 1925 and the 1940s, Americans started to use what we call the refrigerator. It wasn’t until the ’40s that use was actually widespread, but now we’re obsessed with it. Ever since then, I would argue we […]
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COLUMN: The importance of strong female role models

I take strength from seeing women unabashedly doing their thing. Women like Kathrine Switzer, who in 1967 ran in the all-male Boston Marathon and was chased by an official who tried to grab her and remove her from the race, […]

COLUMN: Where is the fresh air on campus?

Does anyone else remember the days when teachers and parents told us not to huff chemicals? Now, it’s being fed to people’s lungs. Whether or not you have noticed, the automatic “air fresheners” on campus are ruining our air. Get […]
News / Student Life
Marlene Kowalski-Braun, Assistant Vice Provost of Student Affairs at Grand Valley State University, speaks to audience members after speaking at Soup and Substance: Women's Centers in the UC Terrace Room on Monday afternoon. (Zack Wittman//Staff Photographer)

Women’s Center discussed during Soup and Substance event Monday

While the idea of a Women’s Center at Central Michigan University might conjure ideas of exclusive women-only feminist groups, the latest Soup and Substance event on Monday proved to have broader intentions that benefit everyone regardless of gender. Monday in […]
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COLUMN: Get off your bum and go outside

Coming in as a transfer student, I saw Central Michigan University with fresh eyes: the landscape around Brooks Hall, the interesting, yet eerie black sculpture near the University Art Gallery, the mind-blowing Charles V. Park Library with its moving bookshelves, […]

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