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Fall fashion: This season’s popular patterns and accessories

Fall fashion: This season’s popular patterns and accessories

While history might repeat itself with similar styles, people can showcase their personality by adding their own unique twists to keep up with the times. This fall season, there are a variety of style trends and colors to be on the lookout for, […]

COLUMN: There’s more than meets the eye

Recently while on Facebook, I came across a status that made such a profound impact on me I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This status took me back to a place in time. A place where it first became apparent […]

CMU students don’t mind 8 a.m. classes as preparation for ‘real world’

While some students avoid Friday classes and ones that begin before the sun is up, others are forced to bear with these unpopular class times. Grand Blanc freshman Alexis Jones is one student whose day begins earlier than others. “To […]

Women express love for leggings and leg warmers as favorite winter fashion

When it comes to winter fashion there are two important factors to consider: functionality and aesthetics. Central Michigan University students prefer a combination of both. Senior Chloe Scudder said she keeps warm during the cold temperatures by wearing boots with […]

ADVICE: How to get the guy while his current relationship seems to be fizzling out

There is a saying that goes, “If a girl ever steals your man there is no better revenge than to let her keep him because real men can’t be stolen.” Speaking from personal experience, I believe this to be true. […]
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Lake City senior Amanda Henry works on putting the final touches on her costume Tuesday afternoon at University Meadows, 4310 Sterling Way. "It only cost me 35 dollars to make it, which is way cheaper than online or in stores," said Henry.

AMD students save time, money by making own Halloween costumes

Halloween is the time of year for students to bring out their creative side and make a costume unlike those found in any store. Sophomore Allison VanNuil made her own “slice of watermelon” costume this year and said it saved […]

CAMPUS CLOSET: Business casual

Lansing sophomore Kris Anderson made sure he was work  ready by wearing a blue plaid button shirt, black tie and gray colored skinny jeans. Fashion inspiration: I get my fashion inspiration from basically what I see on TV and I […]
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ADVICE: How to meet and make connections with other local singles

Question: Being new to town and constantly busy (full-time student and full-time work), what would your advice be on meeting women and making a connection for a single male? When a person is enrolled in school and working full-time, it […]
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New RSO: The Pay It Forward Experience aims to spread good deeds among students, community

Ovid-Elsie freshman James Wilson was a senior in high school when he decided to incorporate his idea for The Pay It Forward Experience into his advanced writing service learning unit. The idea came from his friend when he mentioned to […]

Men’s fashion scarves a trend this season

The fashion world always has new “it” items when it comes to a particular season. While some people prefer to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends by going out and buying something brand new, others prefer to stick with […]
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ALBUM REVIEW: 18 years later, Spice Girls still know how to ‘Spice Up Your Life’

Their debut single “Wannabe” was a number one hit in more than 30 countries in 1996. In 1998, they released a movie titled “Spice World” in the U.S., and during the Summer 2012 Olympics they made a highly anticipated performance […]
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COLUMN: It’s never too late to get involved

Cream-colored walls and linoleum floors. This is what I saw when I first stepped foot into my dorm room at Robinson Hall freshman year. I remember telling my parents and roommate that it felt like we were in a jail cell. […]

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