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Editorial: Ridley the best fit for city manager position despite criticism

Mount Pleasant’s City Commission spent six months paring down 50 candidates before choosing its city manager. In the end, they went with Nancy Ridley, the person who had been here serving as interim city manager. Some residents viewed the two […]
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Central Michigan University football tight end Zach Crouch gets a team of athletes pumped up after the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Special Olympics Michigan Summer Games.

 (Taryn Wattles | Staff Photographer)

EDITORIAL: Special Olympics Michigan exemplifies the power of being inspired

As a particular point of pride for Central Michigan University and Mount Pleasant for more than half a century, the impact of Special Olympics Michigan on our greater community is enormous. Calling CMU home since 1973, the organization and its […]
CMU Trustee Brian Fannon looks to his fellow trustee Tricia Keith during the Board of Trustees meeting in the Bovee University Center on Thursday morning. (Morgan Taylor | Assistant Photo Editor)

EDITOR: Looted by Lansing

For decades Central Michigan University has been known as an affordable institution where students could receive a discounted education comparable to what is offered at bigger colleges. Yet crippling state funding cuts and tuition hikes for next school year are […]

EDITORIAL: The dangers of firing up

It’s time for students to wake up. The city is cracking down. Even as you stand idly by, beer in hand, while furniture burns and bottles are flung at police officers, you are in danger of arrest. The president of […]
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Congressman Dan Kildee speaks to the CMU College Democrats club about his experience as a congressman. (Arin Bisaro | Staff Photographer)

Editorial: Elephant in the room

College students are placed into several different stereotypes. Many are denounced for leaning too far left and fostering “radical” ideologies. Critics accuse students of being ill informed and woefully uninterested in politics. However, students play a bigger part in politics […]
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EDITORIAL: Validation of affirmative action ban reverses social progress

Diversity is a desirable trait for society. However, it won’t always occur on its own. On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s right to ban preferential treatment to minorities in university admissions. This is a mistake. Although a 2006 Michigan voter […]
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EDITORIAL: Continued focus on charity

Students play a vital role in charity efforts in Mount Pleasant. Each year, thousands of Central Michigan University students look past themselves and their studies and work to better the lives of others. It’s a point of pride and it’s something that […]
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EDITORIAL: Facing Censorchip: Student voices stifled by superiors

The First Amendment should be a no-brainer at a university. Recently, however, officials have been suppressing the student voice in an attempt to protect them from student media. Central Michigan Life has dealt with an increase in communication buffers between our reporters and […]
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EDITORIAL: Enrollment projections provide hope for CMU’s future

Although the fall semester began with concerns about enrollment and a budget shortfall, it appears that remedial efforts by Central Michigan University might be brought to fruition by next year. Last semester, 2,963 new freshmen enrolled at CMU – marking […]
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Andraya Croft | Staff Photographer
Phi Kappa Tau's senior  Steven Steele dances in stilettos to Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) during the Mock Rock on Saturday.

EDITORIAL: Greek Week exemplifies power of community

After last week, Central Michigan University has more than 30,000 new reasons to be proud of our Greek community. Each year, Greek Week offers most fraternities and sororities the opportunity to participate in some of the most meaningful fundraising efforts […]
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EDITORIAL: Barriers to free speech have a chilling effect on student advocacy

EDITORIAL: Barriers to free speech have a chilling effect on student advocacy

Advocacy relies on the freedom of speech. In the United States, under the First Amendment, we enjoy liberties when it comes to expressing our ideas. We can publish newspapers, hold demonstrations and protest our government. The Westboro Baptist Church has […]
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EDITORIAL: Dedicated to accuracy, transparency

As a media organization, the credibility of our content is weighted heavily on two key elements: Accuracy and reliability. Without both, readers cannot depend on Central Michigan Life for quality news reporting. On Friday, we published a story detailing our […]

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