Articles written by: Jessica Fecteau

Jessica is a Central Michigan Life alumna. @jessfect

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Local McDonald’s make use of competitor coupons

With three McDonald’s in Mount Pleasant, it’s no secret that it’s the place to go for a quick bite to eat. Not only do they offer a dollar menu, they also accept competitor coupons. Venus Ceja, general manager of the McDonald’s […]

Threads hosts resale fundraiser, sells gently-used donations

Fashion and savings joined together with Threads and the Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design at a clothing resale event in the Bovee Rotunda Monday night. Threads, the annual student-run fashion show and second-biggest event on campus, hosted the sale […]
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ADVICE: The ladies’ guide to avoiding the friend zone

We’ve all heard of the “nice-guy friend zone” phenomenon. One minute a girl likes a guy, the next he is considered one of her best friends and any hope of a romantic relationship flies out the window like a dove […]

Plan B emergency contraceptive changes age requirement for purchasing pill

The Plan B One-Step “Morning-After Pill” is now available over-the-counter to all women of childbearing age. “Plan B is an emergency contraceptive for patients who have unprotected sex or have protected sex and the condom breaks,” CVS Pharmacy Pharmacist Leslie […]
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COLUMN: Guys have periods, too

The aches, the pains, the cravings; it’s no question that periods are sometimes the worst week of every month for a woman. They can often find themselves bedridden with hot pads across their stomachs, throwing back Midol like their lives […]
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COLUMN: Three weeks to freedom

Three weeks, ladies and gentlemen. It’s almost time to burn your books and take your clothes off (bathing suits, come on now). But, in order to get to that marvelous time called summer, you have to get through the rest […]
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COLUMN: Special K isn’t so special

People need to take off their rose-colored glasses and read the nutrition facts on labels of foods that pretend to be “healthy.” Some major food and beverage companies are advertising their products as “good for you,” encouraging unintelligent buyers to […]
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ADVICE: Eight times you might realize you’re still single

1. You wear your retainer to bed. After rolling out of bed, you step into the bathroom and reach into your mouth to peel off that plastic shield of slime and then place it in its crusty container. Your breath […]
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COLUMN: Make the most of college

Instead of complaining about how much you pay for tuition, start taking advantage of what college has to offer. We all get it–paying thousands of dollars to sit in a classroom, listen to lectures and turn in papers sucks. But, […]

COLUMN: High school skinny not a myth

Ever have those days where it’s a struggle to get your jeans on? I’m talking when you jump up and down, throw in some squats and sometimes ask your roommate to get the zipper while you hold the button into […]
Student Life

Alternative Breaks provide students with opportunities to give back on spring break

While most students will be spending their spring break without a care in the world, some will be caring for the troubles of others. One hundred and fifty six students will be going on Alternative Breaks next week to different […]
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ADVICE: What happens on spring break will come back with you

Depending on the state of your relationship, spring break is either going to make you or break you (up, of course). It’s the one time of the year when people go crazy, forget their morals and just have fun. Because […]

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