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CMU Bookstore ready for first week customer surge

It is the beginning of a new year, and that means the CMU Bookstore will be packed with students looking to purchase their textbooks all week. Each new year brings a huge influx of customers for the bookstore, located in […]
Student Life

All-nighters: are they really worth it?

Just about everybody has experienced the panic that sets in the night before a big exam. Many have tried to combat this panic by staying up and cramming in a few more hours of studying. This is especially common when […]
Student Life

Dog Tales visit campus to help relieve the stress of finals

For 13 years, Dog Tales have been helping students relieve the stress that comes with finals by bringing in therapy dogs to the Central Michigan University residence halls. Dog Tales is a literacy program on CMU’s campus. They group often […]
Student Life / VIBE

Beat the heat of summer with highly anticipated films, TV shows

This summer, televisions and movie theaters’ screens will be packed with exciting new story lines and chilling plots. Networks such as CBS and ABC are releasing a variety of new television series starting in early May. ABC is premiering three […]
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COLUMN: Stop wasting money

Each year, we students spend hundreds of dollars stocking up our mini-fridges, catching up with friends over expensive coffees and filling our closets with clothes and shoes we might or might not need. I am just as guilty as anyone […]

‘Evil Dead’ remake amps up the gore

The remake of the hit classic “Evil Dead,” which topped the charts last weekend, is a flawed but enjoyable movie that is heavy on gore. Sam Raimi, director of the original “Evil Dead,” and original producers Rob Tapert and Bruce […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ brings out patriotic side in viewers

“Olympus Has Fallen” has brought out the patriotism in its viewers since its debut. The film opened in theaters March 22, bringing in more than $30 million in box office sales over that weekend. The film is a perfect combination […]
Student Life
Sheree Hall, the Museum Education Coordinator, reads from "Stone Age Boy"  while Mount Pleasant residents Catie Noggle, 8, and Cordelia Brown, 7, point out rocks in the book while at a cave painting activity Tuesday afternoon at the Museum of Cultural and Natural History, 103 Rowe Hall. The activity had a story telling cave, paints that children could use to make their own cave paintings, and a presentation to teach them the history of cave paintings. (Zack Wittman//Staff Photographer)

Children learn about cave art at CMU museum over spring break

Jane Frost was among a host of parents to bring children to Central Michigan University’s Museum of Cultural and Natural History’s Cave Art event Tuesday. “It is an interesting way to spend spring break,” the Mount Pleasant resident said. “Living […]

COLUMN: Myths of being a married college student

I am like every other college student at Central Michigan University, only married. I married my boyfriend of three years at the beginning of my sophomore year. When I tell people that I am a married, 20-year-old student, they often […]
Student Life

Students raise awareness for Victoria Secret PINK contest

Central Michigan University could be on its way to being included in Victoria’s Secret’s PINK clothing line. A small group of CMU students worked to raise awareness last week about the Victoria’s Secret “PINK your campus” voting. Victoria’s Secret is […]
James Franco as the “flawed” but self-discovering Oz in Oz the Great and Powerful. (Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures)

MOVIE REVIEW: “Oz The Great and Powerful” appeals to all ages

“Oz The Great and Powerful,” a prequel to the classic “The Wizard of Oz,” came out on top when it premiered March 8, bringing in a total of $79.1 million in box office sales opening weekend. After more than one […]

Beanie Babies, Tamagotchis, snapback hats: CMU students share their collectable items

Do you remember how deeply you cherished every one of your Beanie Babies when you where a kid? Or how you could spend hours playing with your Tamagotchi? These were hot collectables during the 1990s, but the generation that used […]

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