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Mount Pleasant
Less than a week after the article of Crockett was printed he found a home with the Gibbs and Gagne family.  The Isabella County Humane Society has also seen an increase in volunteers and adoptions this month in response to the article. (Chuck Miller/Photo Editor)

Crockett, other dogs at animal shelter find homes

Remember Crockett, that lonely dog at the animal shelter who really needed a good home? Well, it appears he’s found one. Only three days after Central Michigan Life ran an article about the pitbull/boxer mutt’s sad tale, Crockett was on […]

COLUMN: Divided we are, united we fall

Surf the net for a day and you might just discover you’re a bigot. Bigotry is defined as “intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.” Based on that very simple description, I’d say a disturbingly large amount of […]
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CMU police investigating death threat made against student

Central Michigan University police are investigating a death threat made against a student in Fabiano Hall. According to a release sent out by the university just after 6 p.m., a Fabiano Hall resident received a death threat via phone “from […]
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Lisa Hadden accepts position with mid-Michigan Area Health Education

The former president of the Mount Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce will soon be working with mid-Michigan Area Health Education. Lisa Hadden, who announced her resignation from her position as president July 12, will “create the mid-Michigan Area Health Education […]
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MOVIE REVIEW: “The Dark Knight Rises” an epic ending to a trilogy of tragedy

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … for Gotham City, that is. “The Dark Knight Rises,” the closing chapter of Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed Batman Trilogy, wears a mask, like Bruce Wayne himself, to […]
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CMU Health Services forms alliance with College of Medicine

Central Michigan University’s Health Services is now a part of the College of Medicine. In a release sent out Tuesday by CMU, “the partnership will give UHS and its patients direct access to CMED’s newly formed clinical practices.” The release […]
Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce president resigns

The President and CEO of the Mount Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce is resigning from her position effective July 27. In an email sent out Thursday, Lisa Hadden announced her resignation to accept a new position, although could not say […]
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Director of facilities operations sentenced to 10 days in jail, 18 months probation following aggravated assault arrest

Central Michigan University’s director of facilities operations was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 18 months probation for aggravated assault and disturbing the peace. Joseph “Jay” Kahn was sentenced June 29 in Isabella County Trial Court. He was charged […]
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Animal Shelter seeks volunteers to interact with lonely dogs

Animal Shelter seeks volunteers to interact with lonely dogs

The ballad of “Doggy Crockett” doesn’t have an ending yet. Crockett, a four-year-old pitbull/boxer mix, has been at the Isabella County Animal Shelter, 1105 S. Isabella Road, longer than any other current dog. He was brought in January after his […]
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MOVIE REVIEW: “The Amazing Spider-Man” a better but still flawed reboot

“The Amazing Spider-Man” is, in many ways, as heroic and immature as Peter Parker. Director Mark Webb’s (“(500) Days of Summer”) reboot of Sam Raimi’s trilogy is thoughtful, marvelously acted and, well, amazing. But it lacks the depth and focus […]
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iCentral to be discontinued July 21

Central Michigan University’s Office of Information Technology will announce Thursday that iCentral, CMU’s former internal website, will be discontinued the weekend of July 21. All faculty, staff and current students will now use CentralLink. Anyone trying to visit iCentral will […]
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Denise Green

Denise Green resigns to pioneer diversity at Toronto university

Denise O’Neil Green is about to embark on an opportunity she said comes once in a lifetime. Green, Central Michigan University’s assistant vice president for institutional diversity since 2007, will be leaving CMU at the end of July for a […]

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